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Bail out the Auto industry when they make 150 mpg cars! YES NOW!

Isn't funny they can't sell their gas sucking SUV's and want us to bail them out but refuse to make these cars that get 150 mpg! Check this out!

May be a great company to invest into.... Ask Rhino....

Anyway check out the video link on their website it's full of news coverage about this new technology that works....electric!


Would you buy one? I would!

PS, send this to your congress people! Before they are scammed again!

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These vehicles need to be

These vehicles need to be plugged in and charged up, right? So that means the charging process uses some sort of fuel at the power plants and has a cost. I think it would be good to have a cost based comparison as well. For example, something like a mp$ rather than mpg.


Why hasn't

someone figured out what made Tesla's car run? Oh, wait a minute...could it be because there is no money to be made in free energy?

Altruism no longer exists in our country, that is if it ever did. Greed, on the other hand has always existed and is running rampant today..


How much longer are they going to suppress this type of technology and keep it out of the reach of us little Goyim.