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an email i recieved from the media research center

Media Research Center


Barack Obama's transition team has tapped Henry Rivera as the
new FCC transition czar. A longtime radical leftist, lawyer and
former FCC commissioner, Rivera strongly supports the so-called
"Fairness Doctrine" and could become the "angel of death" to
conservative talk radio by supporting liberal leadership in a
move to quickly reinstate it.

According to MRC's Media Reality Check "It's another troubling
sign that Democrats are serious about trying to reinstate the
long-defunct FCC regulation, which can more aptly be described
as the "Censorship Doctrine" because of its chilling effect on
free speech." Read the complete story by clicking here:


++ Conservative Talk Under Siege

eric, with this move, it is obvious what liberal leadership
have in mind and unless we unite, and muster a powerful and resilient
front against this attack, liberals will succeed at removing the last
obstacle remaining in their mad drive for domination-complete censorship
of the conservative voice.

We simply cannot allow that to happen. That's why we are asking you to
click here right now:


++ Only One Obstacle Remains

The Left owns the mainstream media. Just one barrier to total
domination remains--conservative talk radio!

Now they stand poised to launch an all-out push to silence free speech
by resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine--instituting a radical form
of government control that would banish the conservative voice from
the airwaves!

As citizens in this great nation, we simply cannot allow any form
of blatant government censorship.

That is why we have launched the Free Speech Alliance, a coalition
of freedom-loving individuals who have joined together to ensure this
"Censorship Doctrine" never returns to eliminate the conservative
voice of America.

eric, as a vital member of our MRC Action Team, I'm asking
you to take an immediate and unwavering stand by adding your name to
our petition.

Click here to sign:


++ We Can Stop Them

We have the power to stop them.

eric, with your help and the help of hundreds of thousands
of pro-active citizens, we can defeat this radical push and preserve our
Free Speech Rights for generations to come.

But we must act now!

Please take a moment right now to join MRC’s Free Speech Alliance by
adding your name to our petition:


After signing, forward this message directly to 30-40 freedom-
loving friends and family urging them to join the battle for
Free Speech by clicking below and adding their names as well:


Thank you in advance for taking a stand to ensure that conservatives
have a voice in our society.

Media Research Center

P.S. Help us to once and for all strike back and stop the Left's
censoring agenda by alerting your friends and families about this
most serious attack on our Free Speech Rights. Urge them to sign
the petition today by clicking here:


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