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Vote on how To pay for Bailouts: Temporary National Lottery or Nat'l Sales Tax

Any good ideas on these. If there was a way to insure these would be temporary I think it would work. 1 or 2 cents on sales tax, would show the gov't that their is a better way than the income tax(probably not, but we can be hopeful). Doubtful that Republicrats would listen and do this short term. They would rather raise our taxes in an unprecedented recession.

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No tax

is temporary. Even if the actual tax, expires or is taken away, all the wealth that was confiscated while it was in effect is gone. Instead of us getting to keep it and grow it, it was taxed, taken from us and poured into the "money hole".

The government is the only entity in the history of man that doesn't have to live within it's means or face extinction. When government lives past its means, it is always rewarded and encouraged to continue to do so, by increased taxes and regulations. Instead of dying away like anything else would when deprived of resources, it actually expands, because we feed it.

They will not be able to "pay" for the bailouts no matter what, they never planned to. It is just a continuation of the governments natural process of living beyond it's means and then us upping the rations to support it.

It is like a gold fish, you keep it constrained and feed it just what it needs it will stay an inch or two forever, but when you allow it into a larger area, and feed it as much it wants, it grows and grows.

Let's not feed it, it needs a major diet.

Thank you Dr. Paul for making me act on what I already knew was right.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

Suspend all debt to the Federal Reserve...

It's fraudulent, anyway. Then apprehend, arrest, prosecute, convict and execute the entire Rothschild and Rockefeller families for international terrorism. If you can't bring yourselves to execute the worst mass-murdering criminals in the history of the planet, at least incarcerate them for the rest of their evil lives and confiscate all their ill-gotten wealth. This is only a good start.

DIng,ding ding

A good start it is !

Libera me, let the truth break, what my fears make--Leslie Phillips

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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that i would rather see. whoever tries to organize that better

be prepared for trouble. they will be on that group like white on rice.


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Take it out of

congressional pay, President, VP, and cabinet members pay, for a start.

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Golden Parachutes and Bonuses of ...

the CEOs/upper management of AIG, Goldman Sachs, WAMU, etc. Was this dollar figure in the neighborhood of $25-62 Billion??!! If taking this money back is considered redistribution of wealth, then so be it. They cetainly don't deserve the People's Bailout money for bonuses. We own them now and those are the rules of the Federal Government that everyone one else must adhere to, so they must also. Simple.

Nothing like this is ever

Nothing like this is ever temporary.

When the Garden State Parkway was built the NJ state government made a deal, a promise, that the tolls would be removed once the bonds that funded the construction were paid for. I believe the NJ Turnpike also had the same deal. From what I recall, those bonds were paid off around 30 years ago, yet the tolls remain!!!

I don't see how it would be a good thing at all for us to be willing to fund any bailouts at all. We are against the bailouts (99% of us, anyway) so we should be against paying for them as well.

If we approve any sort of national sales tax I can guarantee that it will NEVER go away (unless we really revolt) and the government will surely increase that tax to squeeze every single penny possible out of us.

Not a good idea.


Pay for bailouts

Every Senator and Congressman who voted yes should give up his/her salary (and every perk) and fire their staff (and do their own work). Also should be required that every company that receives one dime pay your and my taxes for the next twenty years (I'll even file it for them). I doubt we would be able to balance the budget with all of the above, but it would at least help our children and grandchildren somewhat.

Income tax doesn't pay for that stuff, not directly anyway

Look up Reagan's "Grace Commission Report"; 100% of personal income taxes go to service the national debt, and much of the national debt is interest from the Federal Reserve. They can just keep borrowing an unlimited amount of money, since it is actually impossible to ever pay it back anyway, until the system come crashing down. That's fiat money.

A temporary sales tax?!?!?!? Has anyone known a sales tax to be temporary? Tampa built a football stadium 10 years ago, and since football teams are so broke (r-r-r-right), levied a temporary half cent sales tax to pay for it. That temporary tax is still there and always will be.

I can't believe I'm even responding to this. You want to volunteer to pay more money for the corrupt and definitely UNCONSTITUTIONAL bailouts?!? Not me.

Its called discussion. You don't have to respond. I am just as

non governmental response in my thoughts as well as you. However, at this point, I have seen so many people lose jobs in my neighbor due to failed gov't policies that any new ideas should be welcome. I understand that most gov't policies once enacted never go away. I guess it is the nature of the beast to grow. These thoughts are from a citizen that wants government to respect the people and not burden us forever with taxes. The second thought was to give the government a better idea to achieve income rather than the income tax. Once the democrats are thrown out in 2010/11 for ruining our economy, ideas like this and many others will start to rise up from Paulites and hopefully income taxes will be abolished :) I doubt it , but maybe enough ears have heard boortz and others on this issue. Respectfully.


Sorry, I was typing as I was thinking,

and "can't believe I'm responding to this" just happened to cross my mind, so my fingers typed it.

You know, much like state lotteries, which were supposed to pay for education but don't, even if we were taxed specifically for these neverending giveaways, the money would really get utilized for something else (like to assassinate a foreign democratically-elected official).

The answer to your question, in my opinion, is not to find a way we can volunteer what few FRNs we have lefts for their corruption and control, but to discuss when the unified tax revolts (that they and we know is coming) are going to begin.