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S.C. - Bob Conley Loss to lindsey graham Thanks to the Christians

It absolutely amazing that so many Christians are so ignorant here in upstate S.C. I heard complaint after complaint by numerous Christians regarding the banker bailout and lack of Congressional representation by traitor L. graham.

I live in, supposedly, the most conservative area in S.C. Guess where graham garnered the majority of his votes to win? That's right, the Upstate's conservative right. Unbelievable, right! Well apparently this was the case all over the country. They piss and moan and talk of government abuse, but they fell for the steady diet of zionist appeals in the newspaper about how wonderful and conservative lindsey graham is, towed the (r) party line as instructed by church leaders, were too lazy to educate themselves on the facts before voting, and all too willing to vote straight party ticket. These types of Christians are neo-conservative and don't even know it. Now their talk of Jindal being the conservative answer for 2012 makes me want to puke.

Organized Christianity seems to be no more than a sheeple training ground. That's why I no loner participate in organized religion.

These folks voted for ideals they claim to be against. They are as traitorous as those whom they voted back in office. Unless these folks wake up, our country is doomed.

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Oh, yes, those damned

Oh, yes, those damned Christians! It's all their fault! Oh, good, now that we have a scapegoat to point fingers at, we're all better.

Look, I'm a fomer minister at an evangelical church - you don't have to tell me anything about beefs with the church. I left the ministry (and largely the church as well) for my own reasons, one of which was the systemic ignorance of much of popular evangelicalism. However, finger-pointing doesn't help here.

I liked Conley. He had a rough road because he was running against a well-known and well-liked incumbent. But Conley didn't inspire the masses - even in a year when the Dems had a posterboy to bring all of their voters out of lifelong apathy to finally vote, Conley couldn't ride that wave into office. And I really thought he had a chance running as a Democrat.

I know it's easy to blame a group, and such blame certainly plays well here at the DP, but it doesn't help. We must have every single person from every single conceivable group that we can to join us or we will fail. The liberty message failed this year more than any one candidate, and that's understandable since people have lived so long without personal responsibility that they really want kind Uncle Sam to take care of everything. We must commit ourselves to taking advantage of the blunders of the government's policies and turning their deeds back on themselves, raising a mass consciousness to the principles of liberty just as Dr. Paul has done for many of us. Then, in 2010, 2012 - whenever - we can rise up in sufficient strength to make a difference.

Chuck Baldwin addressed this in a column last week


But the worst calamity of this election was the way conservatives--especially Christian conservatives--surrendered their principles for the sake of political partisanship. The James Dobsons of this country should hang their heads in shame! Not only did they lose an election, they lost their integrity!

In South Carolina, for example, pro-life Christians and conservatives had an opportunity to vote for a principled conservative-constitutionalist for the U.S. Senate. He is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-traditional marriage. He believes in securing our borders against illegal immigration. He is against the bailout for the Wall Street banksters. His conservative credentials are unassailable. But the vast majority of Christian conservatives (including those at Bob Jones University) voted for his liberal opponent instead.

The man that the vast majority of Christian conservatives voted for in South Carolina is a Big-Government neocon. He supported the bailout of the Wall Street banksters. He is a rabid supporter of granting amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. In fact, this man has a conservative rating of only 29% in the current Freedom Index of the New American Magazine.

Why did Christian conservatives support the liberal neocon and not the solid pro-life conservative? Because the conservative ran as a Democrat and the neocon is a Republican. I'm talking about the race between Bob Conley and Lindsey Graham, of course.

Had South Carolina's pastors, Christians, evangelicals, and pro-life conservatives voted for Bob Conley, he would be the new senator-elect from that state. In fact, Bob was so conservative that the Democratic leadership in South Carolina endorsed the Republican, Lindsey Graham! No matter. A majority of evangelical Christians in South Carolina stupidly rejected Bob Conley and voted for Graham.

read Rushdoony

you'll feel better!