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The REAL Reason Why Bush Wants to Attack Iran

Please watch this video.

It reveals the garden path of lies that have led to the present situation and have caused so many unnecessary deaths of thousands of innocent people.

When we know the truth, we are free to make the right choices.

Choices based on lies can only lead us down the wrong path, and that is where we have been led right to this day.


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i posted this on the video...

yes this is one of the reasons that the neo cons want to go to iran. but the more important reason is the dollar.
iran has played the gold card just like iraq. they have taken it a step farther with an oil bourse.
the bottom line is that they don't want out damn dollars.
we are watching the collapse of an empire and the debasement of our currency.
they cannot control anything - oil or whatever - without the dollar.

Ron Paul is My President

Ron Paul is My President

Why are they running the pipeline

through Afghanistan and Pakistan? Is it because they cannot pay for the oil in dollars ? or because they want to own the oil and not pay for it? The oil field is covered in American military camps.

You gotta love our Facist Government!

"Americans need to take a Democrap and wipe it's Republican from the history books of this once great Nation"
-Concerned Citizen

"The use of 'Conspiracy Theorist' or 'Truther' as a derogatory -- as an epithet almost -- is something the propagandists have perfected over the decades, and it's a useful tool for eliminating articulate dissent."

Great Post


Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

Let Iran sell their resources wherever, and to whoever they want

Just another US Government involvement on behalf of special interest. Bush should be impeached, yeah, never elected. He has demonstrated that he'll use the US military as "protection" for oil companies. Anybody that buys that bull about promoting democracy ought to get their head examined, (but it probably wouldn't do much good, because there's not much left to examine!)

alan laney

The government would have us

The government would have us fear Iran's nuclear weapons potential. Even go to war to stop them. Shucks. If they really wanted weapons China or Russia would be happy to sell Iran whatever they wanted.

I hope they aren't overlooking the fact that Iran is situated between two powerful nuclear nations that both consider themselves a friend and ally of Iran.

In the end it is all about oil

in the Middle East and America wants that oil. Even China wants that oil and has more right to it than America because it is on the same continent.

Iran is trying to build a pipeline that rivals the pipeline Cheney-Bush-America is building. This is what is going on behind the scenes and we are being lied to and American troops are being used in this oil dispute.

Want to know more? Watch this video about the oil pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan. I posted it before but you may not have seen it.
Note that Mr. Obama wants more troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan and plans to continue with the Bush agenda.


"In the end it is all about" money, not oil.

"In the end it is all about" money, not oil. The only reason anyone wants oil is to make money. The current purpose of the military (which needs oil) is to serve special interests who want more profits (by controlling and selling oil or whatever else). I even think it's been about protecting the U.S. dollar by going after countries that have switched or threatened to switch to using Euro's or whatever else for trading oil. As the dollar becomes worth less, less countries want to deal with it and will want to switch currencies for oil trade. The less that use the dollar for oil trade, the less the dollar is worth. If the u.s. military can be used to threaten those countries into continuing to use the dollar (just like they force us to use it at home), the value of the dollar can be propped up a little longer.

This is merely a suspicion on my part, however. I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it or researching. I have no way to prove any of this. It just makes sense to me.

the dollar is key...

always has been and always will be since the creation of the fed and the existing central bank we have now.

nothing in this evil plan can succeed without the dollar - oil or gas - you name it.

they must maintain control of it at all costs. no dollar = no oil.

i mean for heaven's sake, we cannot have iraq and iran using euro's!
that would finish the dollar hegemony which is what is happening now.

iraq didn't buy it and neither did iran. they don't want our damn dollars.

the rest of the world is waking up too.

lindsey williams made some good points in his video about how we got control of SOME of the middle eastern oil.
he tells about kissinger's role and why it was done.
it is now unraveling.
everyone needs to watch that video.

Ron Paul is My President

Ron Paul is My President

Agree it is all about money in the end

because that oil is being sold for big profit. Lots have people even in government (Cheney-Bush) have a vested interest in oil and profit.