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Know the truth or live in the dark until the truth kills you...?

This is something that I just recently sent out to a bunch of my friends who think Im over reacting by talking about the CFR and New World Order. You can send it to your skeptic friends also.

The link between all our presidents and candidates Democratic and Republican since Woodrow Wilson, is the fact that they are all members of the CFR, and that is why we always get the same no matter which side we vote on. The (Council on Foreign Relations) www.cfr.org go hand and hand with the Federal Reserve, infact they are the Federal Reserve! The CFR has infiltrated all levels of our government and is trying to take over the world... This is NOT a movie scenario, this is going on right now!

PS... For all you church going people, which I am not one, I thought about this the other day while listening to Infowars.com the Alex Jones radio show... You know that choice that god gives you, to believe or to deny him, and in the end if you deny him then you go to hell or die or something happens?? Well I think this is your chance to choose, you can either ignore the truth of our current situation, which would be like "denying god" or "denying the truth", or you can embrace the truth and help relay the message of Liberty and help others believe the truth. I guess I could say, for all those who dont believe any of the emails that I send out to be true, I could say screw you have fun in hell or where ever, but if i did that then I would be in heaven by myself or with the small percentage of people who currently know the truth... But then I would be leaving behind some really great friends and a large portion of my family. Please do yourselves and the world a favor by educating yourselves, the answers are at your finger tips. The Federal Reserve is NOT related to our government and niether is the Council on Foreign Relations. Look it up, its hidden in plan sight.

This man John Birch Explains it all. The reason I believe what he is saying is because this video was take in 1996 and he tells of economic take over in the future, like what is going on today in 2008.

CNN, Today. New World Order, and they also mention the CFR in this artical!


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