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B.O. - Your Own Personal Jesus

Disturbing video, originally posted back in March of this year. Note the frame at 3:38 (it flashes so quickly, you may need to capture it at 3:37). I wonder how many Obama-worshipping followers even caught that.

I particularly appreciate the quote at the very end of the vid.

Edit: Oh wow, I was just reading some of the comments on the YouTube site, and saw this from a B.O. supporter (emphasis mine):

He is pro-choice, whatever live with that. Plus we are overpopulated, think of all the resources we need to make for more people, hey thats the truth!!! Were hurting the environment, and polluting to much by using so much fossil fuels, do you know what that is gothic chick, hahaha, what a poser, just like all those millions of EMO kids. PLUS BUSH got us in the WAR, which spends 10 BILLION dollars a month, that is worse than NAFTA being created. And hes killing innocent Iraquis, and Americans.

So, point 1: We are overpopulated and need to make room for more people; deal with it (so apparently, abortion is a good thing, for the reason that it helps thin out the population explosion)

point 2: Bush killed innocent Iraquis and Americans (this is apparently bad, although such measures also result in thinning out the population)

point 3: BAAA-AAA-AAAA