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CFR talking about a return to a gold backed dollar?

The current issue of "Foreign Affairs" (published by the Council on Foreign Relations) has an article titled "After the Crash" which says: "The next president must bring back a sound dollar, rein in Wall Street, and resist the urge to manipulate prices."


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At what point

does the government step in and say that this is something that MUST be done? Hell, the gold standard was abolished and it hadn't caused nearly the problems the current system is causing. Things were much better than they are now.
How bad do things have to get? There's no saving the fiat system, it's reached the end of it's lifespan.
Now RP has already stated that we cannot just throw out the Federal Reserve just as quickly and easily as you'd throw out the dishwater; a competing currency would have to be implemented so that the fiat could be eased out or else we we have much worse problems (if that's possible).

Someone, somewhere needs to step up and get this thing going.

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I suspect he means a

I suspect he means a 'sounder' dollar, as in stricter enforcement of 'inflation targets', not a genuine specie convertible currency. There has been quite a bit of terminology creep over the years, and what passes for sound these days would likely have the founders rolling over in their graves.

the CFR

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is not comprised of uniform thinking drones

Fortune Favors the Bold

I think they've already done

I think they've already done it... ;-)


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