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Where is the land of the free and the home of the brave?

I don't know what happened to the America I once thought I knew. I was told every man is free in America. But I've had to file income taxes every since my first paper route. According to the constitution no direct tax should be levied on revenue generated from income. And the sixteenth amendment wasn't uniformly ratified by all the states in the union, so why should income taxes even exist? Even the taxes I do give doesn't go back to America, it gets deposited into the privately controlled International Monetary Fund. I also don't see the freedom giving out Social Security Numbers. Ever since the New Deal debacle the Social Security money has been looted by Congress and the executive branch. The congress has been warning for years our money is gone. Now Congress is seriously considering federalizing Americans 401k's and IRA's so they can loot our retirement accounts. When I turned eighteen I learned freedom in America means threat of draft. How can our government call enlisting “Selective Service” when it's told to 18 year olds its mandatory? Now Obama's cabinet is calling for a never ending, involuntary service of every citizen. I was also told parents have the freedom to raise their children. However I read newspaper articles where children are stripped from their parents for not attending government school, for not taking vaccines or because some neighbor reported some infraction which could be a lie.

I also thought America was filled with Brave men and women ready to defend against tyranny. Our elected officials and the voters prove to me that never happens. Where was the public outrage against Israel for the declassified Gulf of Tonken attacks? Israel disguised their warships as Vietnamese then attacked United States warships to ignite the Vietnam war into a conflagration and hardly anyone took notice. Where was the congressional will to stop the unconstitutional and deceptively named Patriot Act? Few congressmen even had the time to read all of the unconstitutional mandates in the act. Why didn't America impeach George Bush five years ago before the Iraqi War began? There was plenty of evidence George Bush knew more about the events of September 11, 2001 than Saddam Hussein. His own advisors wrote the Project for a New American Century Document which called for a new “pearl harbor” event. Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida had been CIA assets since the war in Afghanistan. Osama's family was able to fly out of the country despite a nationwide ban on flying. The list of heinous crimes by the Bush Establishment could fill a library and still no national call for impeachment. Even after the Iraqi debacle people still put their faith in the executive branch with a deceptively titled “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act”. The true name should be “The Banker Takeover bill”. The passing of the bill showed the decimated strength of congress. The after bailout reelection showed the American voters are thoroughly neutered. Where have all the free and brave patriots gone?

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I think they won't

show up until about 3 generations from now if ever. To learn the answer maybe we should find out from history. Maybe, someone here is a student of history and would know the answer.

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