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Just real curious-A quick Poll

There is a thread about the dumbing down of our country. DP members seem to be above average intelligence. How many of us are on prescription drugs of any kind? Put me down for none. I think it could be an interesting poll.

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isn't a drug.....so.....no.

here is a list

German beer Holsten
raw garlic onions carrots


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Well I don't take anything other than the occasional steaming a green bean. Gave up the cell phone, don't use the microwave unless it's at work (no choice). I and my family do not drink "city" water.. No bottled water. We will not get any more shots.. Flu or anything else. We have multiple filters off of our well water. We plan on having chickens in the next few months. Started a fairly large garden the past 2 years.. Believe me gardening is not anywhere as easy as I thought. Don't mind the labor, but for some plants we have no clue what we are doing wrong.. So don't delay get learning now!! By the was I've got all grades and kinds of books from farming to country living and it's still a difficult thing!!


never take any drug

i respectfully disagree...

...there are plenty of supplements considered "drugs" that are good for your body in correct dosages.

and there are several illegal drugs that taken properly that can open your mind to new ways of thinking as long as you don't get addicted. of course there are risks, but alas...life is a risk.

i ocassionally smoke pot...and every four or five years i take shrooms. if i shave off a few years of my life doing so, so be it....its the journey i enjoy.

that said, i eat well and drink plenty of good water, take vitamins and supplements and exercise like a fiend.

to each his own.

I've begun taking dirt,

make that diatomaceous earth, a heaping teaspoon mixed in my juice twice daily. Besides killing roundworms in pets and people it provides uptake of trace amounts of silica to aid calcium use in the body and has abundant testimonial evidence of curing some types of arthritis. Many other health benefits are claimed. View this video:
or read:

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

diatom earth

is also great to mix in your garden soil. it keeps nematodes and other beasts out.....good stuff!


Thanks for the links. I sent my dog to the neighbors house while on vacation and he has been infested with fleas ever since. We have been trying to get rid of them for months. I cant wait to try it. And on another note one of my tennants took a mattress out of the trash and brought it home filled with bed bugs I will try it on them also. It sounds like it will be good for me also. just ordered 50 lbs

Another vast conspiracy?

Are you suggesting that pharmaceutical companies are purposely putting out medication to "dumb down" Americans as part of the NWO plot? I am also wondering how "evil" pharmaceutical companies purposely "dumbing down" Americans fits in with Ron Paul's position of a free market? How could we have a truly free market, if major companies are evil entities hell bent on world domination through the prescribing of medications to people? How could we have true freedom if hundreds of thousands of individuals, if not millions, are part of a plot to destroy Americans and America? I find the suggestion by people that doctors are purposely harming their patients and pharmaceutical companies are purposely harming their clients quite repugnant. Where is your evidence for the "conspiracy"? Any proof you could show to back up your suggestion that Americans are being "dumbed down"?
Please also explain why Americans are living longer than ever before and the average life span goes up every few years.

I don't want to get into a long harangue, so I'll keep it

short. I don't blame Doctors, per se...the pharmaceutical industry is very powerful and has too much influence as to what doctors are taught at medical school...they are taught that pharmaceuticals are the way to go....
As far as Americans living longer than ever...to me it's not about the length of life, but the quality of life. If one is sickly and on all kinds of medications, is that a life? To me...it is NOT....
It hit mainstream news a few years ago, that BAYER deliberately sold Aids-infected medication overseas...the medication was used primarily by CHILDREN with hemophilia...and the FDA allowed it...Bayer didn't want to lose all that money. (In that instance, I would say pharmaceutical companies PURPOSELY harmed patients). It does appear that the love of money IS the root of all evil. I am totally against pharmaceuticals. I would love to see natural cures, which truly work, become mainstream. I would like to see the medical giants concentrate on surgical improvements (laser, implants that cure blindness, etc.)...and get out of the pharmaceutical side of it. They could still make their money, and people would not get hurt...everybody would win, imo...
I'll see if I can find that BAYER youtube video again....

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Sell medicine to healthy people

I do not think they are deliberately dumbing down America, that isn't necessary, just look who Americans vote for, it is easy pickings !

My experience: Almost every time I go to my doctors office there is from one to six professional pill peddlers waiting to see the three doctors in this practice. Once, I heard one tell the staff they are all invited to dinner with the doctors.

My doctor is typical, he will jump at the opportunity to prescribe medication. Once I asked for medication I saw on TV for a toe nail fungus infection; it made me deathly sick and the infection reoccurred. Reading the literature (fine print) I found out that there is less than a 2% cure for this medication. On a recent examination he forgot I tried this crap before and tried to push it on me again.

Recently taking blood pressure pills my legs started aching among other serious side effects and he Rx'ed a cortisone surgical injection in my back for Spinal stenosis (MRI) which I never have done and instead stopped taking blood pressure medication and the leg pain went away.

If you want to get medicated, they will sell you drugs and drugs to counteract the side effects until the cows come home.

Any sheeple out there? Have you seen the commercials where they are now touting powerful statin drugs for healthy people (live longer) !

Live simple, loose weight, exercise, don't smoke, and eat healthy.

As George Calin would say, "they don't #%@*!ing care about you."

I suppose...

conspiracy is in the eye of the beholder, and I don't really care to fully answer your questions---nor can I. However, it is part of Ron Paul's position (and I hope I'm correctly representing it) that corporate protection and corporate welfare should be circumscribed by law to a much greater extent than we see presently. That is to say, we currently protect and encourage corporations using the power of government like they are individuals and give to them many rights which individuals don't have. This situation adds to the already enhanced power of groups of people who work together to, shall we say, exploit others, and it adds to the problems they cause. So, free market for individuals---where individuals work hard to make their way in the world---can be viewed as a good thing without our current system of corporate law and subsidy. I don't know how far Ron Paul actually wants to go in this direction, and this may be an area in which his expressed views are tailored to the realities of the political situation. Speaking for myself, however, it seems clear that the current system of corporate protection and welfare is very undesirable. I'd like to see the whole thing be trashed. If individuals want to work together, fine, but they should still take individual responsibility and not be distanced from the consequences of violating other individual rights. For example, if a group of people get together and create a golf course whose groundskeeping runoff contaminates a neighboring person's well, then the individuals involved should be help personally responsible, and prosecutable. At present, not only does our government hand out land for country club developments like this, but then when there are consequences of their desire to make money corporately which cause damages, there is little if any recourse. This is not a made up situation, and it happens all around us on many scales. And I wouldn't be surprised if the big drug companies are participating in "conspiracies" to bring about wholesale destruction to the populace. Doctors probably participate unknowingly for the most part. Just think about the legislation requiring all kinds of immunizations for std's.

In summary: Free markets for individuals. Individual responsibility for all actions.

The big objection is based on "all that can be accomplished corporately," that all "modern" economies rely on corporate industry to create jobs, all the "good technological advances we enjoy," etc.. I intend to put forth no illusion that following my advice would result in a slow down in many of these directions.

here is proof.

take your own poll. ask around, ask, what type of government does your country have? what type of money supply does your country have? is carbon dioxide a pollutant? [it is a nutrient] ask about the occupation of iraq. is it a war?
if you dropped 20% of a building on the remaining 80%, could you get it to collapse at near freefall speed?
the list goes on an on, and on.

" the important thing is to never stop questioning, curiousity, has it's own reason for existing..
Albert Einstien

Im on NOTHING, I am very

Im on NOTHING, I am very anti-pharma..No vaccines for the kids, no High Fructose Corn Syrup, no Splenda, of course I drink a few beers...but mostly organic fruits, vegetables, meat...and Super Burritos from the Taquerias...

I know where you are going with this thread, and although I agree prescription drugs may "dumb you down" I think it is more that becoming educated makes you realize how much bullshit there isn out there.

My friends and I call it "the Diet Coke mentality", because so many people believe commercialism and have the idea that "Oh diet coke must be better for you cause it says diet on the bottle", when really the opposite is true...
alright, now Im rambling.

birth control pills!

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

Nicotine, vitamins and B17

Nicotine, vitamins and B17


"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

government of the people, by the people, for the people

just weed

just nugs and some residual psychedelic effects from some trips 15 years ago............. well maybe it was 2 years ago............ ok last month but no prescription drugs here that shit can kill you.

wow I used to know a jwerner in virginia

and he liked his weed too lol, but havent heard from him in years. We had some good times though, seeing your username brought back some killer memories.

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No drugs, only some natural vitamins

and herbs, minerals. And pure water, enzyme-rich foods per Sally Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions". Also local, organic, or home-grown.


prescriptions for me! They can create more problems in some cases. My husband has been in the hospital twice in the past month for an infection, but ended up sicker because of the antibiotics, steroids(because of the allergic reaction to the antibiotics), insulin (because of the steroids), blood thinner (because of the extensive bed rest)...the poor guy was sure they were going to end up killing him during his stay. Eventually a different doctor stopped in and ordered him off all antibiotics--they were making him very ill. He's home and improving daily. Medications have their purpose, but it's good to research alternatives if possible...IMHO.

Unfortunately, me

I'm on 3 prescription drugs right now. Unfortunately, they are essential for keeping my body from rejecting my new kidney. And yes, I will be on them for the rest of my life.

One of them is giving me a couple of side effects, including nasty hand tremors. Of course, they want to give me a drug for that instead of reducing my medication dose. I've said no.

Before the whole kidney issue (just started in March 2007), I only took pain killers like Advil for bad headaches. It turns out my kidney was dehyrdating me. I would drink 6 to 8 liters (1.5 to 2 gallons) of water a day!

I currently take

Five prescriptions, they would put me on more if I let them . . . but I demand full information before I'll touch them, and my Dr. knows that if there is an herbal remedy or natural way to solve the problem, that's the route I'll take.

Personally, I think half of the problems are caused by flouride (wasn't in the water when I was a kid) and genetically modified food including additional growth hormones, both synthetic and natural (also not in the food of my generation). My niece is going to be nine and already she's developing at a very rapid rate.

As far as the intelligence level of the populace now . . . I know that with my children, I watched the public schools as close as humanly possible. I "interfered" in my kids education as often as I could get away with it. I literally sat with all of my youngest's teachers at one point, and begged them to hold him back a grade (teenager - no desire to work on anything) and they refused. Funny though, they had no problem holding him back in first grade when he was a bit too active for the teacher's taste (of course, they recommended drugging him at the same time) . . .

Schools are designed to spit out workers. They evolved into this during the Industrial Revolution because the factories needed workers that could follow instructions, and schedules, without question. The Depression pretty much cemented the agendas of the public school systems when people began to leave their homes to look for work in the cities. Where else are you going to put those kids while Mom and Dad bust their butts?

Schools used to be about ideas, critical thinking, and bettering your mind. Now they are pretty much factories in themselves . . .

I am so thankful that my boys are grown. I can't imagine raising kids today.

Blessings )o(


I call them "I don't care pills" because that is what they do.

for those suffering from neck or back pain, here is what you need to know.... there are no muscles that push, only muscles that pull. therefore, what is supporting your head, neck and spine are rubberbands. look at a picture of the human spine. does that look like something that can hold something up? no. it is the muscles that hold everything in place.
when all of the rubberbands are of equal strength, they will put things back into alignment.

" the important thing is to never stop questioning, curiousity, has it's own reason for existing..
Albert Einstien



nada aber

the current political situation is making me think of taking some Melatonin. (I have been losing some sleep.)

Just good old fashion exercise and healthy diet

I have problems with depression during the winter months and once tried Prozac. Didn't feel right taking it so I decided to cure the problem myself. Nothing cheers me up more then loading up the dogs and going for a hike. I think the outdoors do wonders for the soul (mine and the dogs).
I've heard about taking a spoon of vinegar daily, but I'll stick with my lemon water.
I think Americans take way too many drugs. The people I know who are on prescription drugs have one thing in common, massive debt, and they're stressed out about it. Unfortunately it doesn't stop their spending.

Winter blues

are cured by a full spectrum light bulb (imitates natural sun light....I put it on while I'm at the computer. It cured my winter blues. I purchase mine at my local heath food co-op. Around $10.00...well worth the money.

PS: My cat loves it too.

No pharmaceutical drugs of any kind,

and Motrin on rare occasions. Only the righteous herb for this patriot.


It's been years since I was on any type of prescription medication. I try my best not to take any type of drugs at all, even simple painkillers. My wife knows when I have a terrible headache because that's the only time I ever grab any drugs, which I limit to 1 tylenol or advil. I had knee surgery earlier in the year and absolutely no one at the hospital would take me seriously when I said I didn't want their powerful painkillers - "Just an advil" I said, and they just looked at me.

My doctor a couple years back diagnosed me with mild asthma and gave me some samples and a prescription. I never touched them. I started exercising more, lost some weight, and returned his goods to him on my next visit, by which time my "asthma" had gone away.