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Ministry of Truth at work.... "Counting the dead gets more complicated in Iraq"

"BAGHDAD – This much is agreed — a double bombing in Baghdad struck a school bus and those responding to the first blast. But the difference in casualty figures was stark. Iraqi officials said 31 people died; the U.S. military put the death toll at five.

The conflicting reports from Monday's attack are emblematic of a spate of recent bombings that have raised fears of a resurgence in violence.

There have always been disagreements because accurately counting the dead in the chaos of Iraq's war has never been easy. Yet discrepancies appear to be widening as the political stakes grow.

U.S. officials privately say that some officials in the Shiite-dominated Interior and Health ministries could possibly have political or personal motives for inflating casualty numbers for bombings in mainly Shiite areas."

Continued....... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081114/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_iraq_c...

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I think the US

wants to keep the numbers down because if they reported the truth people would get p o'd and want them out. There is NO WAY we lost only 4,000 soldiers in that war. In fact at times it looks like the number of dead is going in reverse. It defies logic.

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