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It's all up to you to change the system to what you like, but you need to Wake up!

* I stop taking notice of all these Economical reports articles & propaganda media games; because I come to a personal final conclusion what this market is all about!
Will I be correct time will tell & I don't have to argue with anyone either if I am correct or wrong!

This market is owned & controlled only by some individuals which had financial power long time ago & created this monopolized game out of the situation & managed to fool the people into a market believe system!

The money numbers all are seeing on the computer screen are all theoretical numbers only based on the believes of people/ investors not on real solid values.

The entire market is a great big Hoax of deception & manipulation using all the media which of cause these controllers also own & is used to control & keep the public dumb followers.
Just a game in reality but unfortunately a deadly game for some.

Just try and put your self into there situation what would you do if you had all the money power you need to control all & everything. You should end up with the same conclusion I got.

"That's how I started my original thread in the hope people could work it out by them self's but people don't have the ability to work it out!"

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