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Reason Magazine on the Ron Paul Movement

From Reason Magazine
by Jesse Walker | July 16, 2007

Among the other firsts of his campaign, Ron Paul is probably the only presidential contender to be compared to a Samuel L. Jackson movie. The Texas congressman, a dark horse candidate for the Republican nomination, was being lightly grilled by Kevin Pereira, a host on the videogame-oriented cable channel G4. "Young people online, they were really psyched about Snakes on a Plane, but that didn't translate into big ticket sales for Sam Jackson," Pereira said. "Are you worried that page views on a MySpace page might not translate to primary votes?"

The reference was to the Internet sensation of 2006, an action movie whose cheesy title and premise had sparked a burst of online creativity: mash-ups, mock trailers, parody films, blogger in-jokes. Hollywood interpreted this activity as "buzz," and New Line Cinema inflated its hopes for the movie's box office take. When the film instead did about as well as you'd expect from a picture called Snakes on a Plane, the keepers of the conventional wisdom declared that this was proof of the great gulf between what's popular on the Internet and what sells in the material world.

Ron Paul is popular on the Internet, too, with more YouTube subscribers than any other candidate, the fastest-growing political presence in MySpace, a constant perch atop the Technorati rankings, and a near-Olympian record at winning unscientific Web polls. Like Snakes, he is the subject of scads of homemade videos and passionate blog posts. When Pereira mentioned the movie, he was making a clear comparison: Yes, your online fans are noisy, but will their enthusiasm actually translate into electoral success?

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Send Rand to Florida!!!

This is SO exciting!!! At this point, I can't wait for Dr. Paul to show up in Florida (preferably Brevard County, but beggars can't be choosers!). In fact, I'd show up for his son, Rand Paul, I don't even need Ron to get excited about what we're about to do!! Send Rand to Florida!!! :)

The Mountain is Rumbling

It is indeed a fire works show of David and Goliath, the internet and main stream media. Side shows are beginning to reveal the importance of early thoughts and actions of the 1776 era. People responded to the censorship of Ron Paul. A man attends a Ron Paul rally after receiving an Obama shirt, hears the Constitutional words being proclaimed, and replaces his shirt with a Ron Paul shirt. A young lady traveling to California for her wedding, hears those Constitutional words in Kansas at another Ron Paul rally, speaks with her future husband and donates all gifts to Dr. Paul's campaign. An employee travels from Washington state to California, hears the inspiring words of Liberty, and presents Dr. Paul with a check for his campaign.

These are the same thoughts, ideas, and statements that inspired a previous generation to endure, persevere and overcome a powerful political system. The system now involves political, media and corporate entities floating on an ark of fiat money.

We The People,when reminded of the Liberty that once was, can remove the power that corrupts by voting Ron Paul for President and securing the Constitutional Republic for our posterity. Common sense must prevail or our land will not be the home of the free.

Melt the gatekeepers

Barring a complete meltdown of the party gatekeeping apparatus, Ron Paul will not be the Republican nominee next year.

Let's melt the gatekeeping apparatus!

lets melt the gate keepers

Ron Paul is awesome!
Our souls have been waiting for Mr Paul. That is why his campaign is on auto pilot. He never got a chance to start campaigning before his message took off like wildfire. This is so cool.
We need to find a way to bust through the fire wall of the puppetraitors.
Stop the next staged terror attack! Vote Ron Paul.

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.