Las Vegas Sun: Paul Has Crowd Appeal

Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul is reaching across many lines

By Michael J. Mishak
Las Vegas Sun | July 15, 2007

The punk band members, with spiked hair, tattooed arms and pierced everythings, stood with a crowd of more than 300 and cheered at the rock star on stage, especially when he called for abolishing the Federal Reserve - you know, the banking system that for nearly a century has helped stabilize the U.S. economy, give or take a Great Depression.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul didn't stop with the Fed. The devout and suddenly popular Libertarian-running-as-a-Republican also wants to repeal the Patriot Act. (More cheering.) And the IRS and NAFTA-like trade deals. (Loud applause.) And bring home American troops, all of them, from Iraq and from every last spot on the globe. (Standing ovation.) And that national ID card, forget about it.

The crowd's thunderous approvals might be expected in Nevada, especially the rural counties with their strong Libertarian streak.

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Great Article

Dr. Paul *Has a dream*

This is a very fair article. It is uplifting to my hopes.
Freedom, Peace & Prosperity,

Jack Faw