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Liars Treated Like Murderers!

Liars Treated Like Murderers!
On Tuesday 22 Oct 08, FBI and Secret Service agents raided Charlayne Crawford’s home using about 10 agents with guns drawn. She was arrested and charged with, making false statements to the FBI. They are holding her in the Charlotte/Mecklenbu rg County Jail in NC. She is being held without bond. The FBI agent involved in the case, Andy Romagnuolo, requested the judge hold her until trial, saying that she was a dangerous person, and endangering the lives of the FBI agents involved in the case. Magistrate Judge David Keesler granted.
Since when is an FBI agent, outfitted with weapons and a team, afraid of a 39 year-old woman who can barely walk, and who has no registered firearms, or weapons of any kind, or gang?
Note: Andy Romagnuolo is the FBI agent that shut down the Liberty Dollar, taking all the coins. Ron Paul was on these coins. Charlayne Crawford was a BIG supporter of Ron Paul.
She filled out a number of complaints pertaining to the treatment she is receiving in the jail.
On Oct 24, she was moved to another housing pod. There was no room in her new housing pod, so she was told to sleep on the floor. Federal law says that she is entitled to a 12x12 personal space. This gives her no privacy and is a violation of her Constitutional rights.
She is registered to vote in Buncombe County, NC. While she was in jail during elections, on Oct 27, she requested all the proper forms to fill out, in order to vote. She was denied her right to vote.
She requested to schedule a special visit for her family, on Oct 28. They live in Asheville, NC. They replied with: “must be incarcerated 60 days to receive a special visit”.
She asked about her medications, and was told she would start them right away. When the nurse came around with meds, she got ugly with Charlayne and told her to get out of her face!
She has been promised her shoes from her property, because she has bad circulation and cannot keep her feet warm. They have failed to keep their promise. Charlayne has a lot of health problems, that they have failed to address.
Charlayne requires a special diet- high protein, and informed intake and the medical doctor that she is highly allergic to green peppers, and gets sick when she eats pork (she is also Jewish, so it is against her religion to eat the unclean meat). She is constantly throwing away her food because this is mostly what they serve. She cannot afford to skip meals because of her poor health.
She has only been charged- not convicted! Title 18 of the USC has never been ratified. This is all illegal activity.
She has the right to be treated like a human being, and that is the law!
We The People, are being bullied and intimidated by the United States Government, and it is time we assert are rights as citizens of our beloved country!
Her most favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving, and she won’t be celebrating with her family this year. She has 3 children (1 still a minor), and 3 grandchildren, whose holiday is ruined.
Her family is very concerned for her safety and health. She has written letters to her family stating that she is praying for her death.
This is human torture! Something has to be done about this. We CANNOT allow this power-trip to continue.

Pulled from DSS NC Victims Groups