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10 Ways to help Ron Paul Every Day Without Leaving Your Computer

  1. Go to and 'digg' all of the stories about Ron Paul (also 'digg' stories about him on other sites such as and etc by simply clicking the 'digg' button that is on most stories now). Making positive comment on those stories is a big help too. Also see
  2. Go to Yahoo! And do a Yahoo! Search for Ron Paul. The more times he is searched the higher he goes. The goal is to get him in the 'Popular Searches' Category featured prominently on Yahoo!'s webpage.
  3. Watch the Ron Paul videos at The more views the higher the video is ranked and more likely to get seen by others.
  4. Email positive news articles about Ron Paul to everyone you know. If the media blacks him out we have to be the media.
  5. Make comments on political blogs and media blogs and message boards all over the web. Make sure to leave a link to
  6. Email news networks and demand more stories done on Ron Paul.
  7. Mention him and link to your online blog. Don't have a blog? Then start one (just go to or any other blog type sites) and join the new media.
  8. Sign every email with ''.
  9. Email Ron Paul's videos from to friends and family.
  10. Visit, and his MySpace page everyday. The more hits those pages have the higher they will be ranked.

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The owner of 2008 Horse Race Site

The owner of the website is a man named James Hall.

His e-mail address is either or

His fax number is 626-285-9669.

He has posted some very hurtful things about Mr Paul, and his supporters (

Take a minute to let him know what you think of him.

Gabe in Florida

Vote "Someone Else" for Ron Paul!

Hi... A poll on SFgate asks who do you support for the Rep. nom. "Someone Else" has 12%!! Vote someone else for Ron Paul...they may add his name if "someone else" wins!

Vote for FREEDOM!

Vote for FREEDOM!

Letters to the Editor

"I will write write a letter to the editor of my local newspaper supporting Ron Paul's presidency but only if 10 other freedom loving people will do the same, and then create a new pledge with this exact wording."


I am so PO'ed right now. has an online poll that only allows one vote per IP. Yet, they still say that Ron Paul spammed. They are making it look as if HE authorized this spam. (even though I dont believe them that a spam occured.) Ron's office should contact them ASAP. This is a disgrace. They have the words SPAM over his picture!!!

Pollers are just removing his name left and right!

Vote for FREEDOM!

Vote for FREEDOM!


I suggest searching for new Ron Paul digg submissions a few times a day. Digging old submissions does nothing to move a post to the front page. Submissions can only make the front page while they are still listed in the "Upcoming Stories" sections. Stories will stay listed as upcoming for about 24 hours or until they are buried. RP has a pretty big following on Digg and I think most of our success in spreading the RP word can be accomplished through digg.

#RonPaul @

#RonPaul @

Digg - with care

Please remember that "new media" is easily manipulated if we are not careful. When digging stories, please read the story first and make sure that it's actually something we want people to read.

This activity has already been noticed. You can tell from the number of "blog posts" that are there claiming an interview of some sort with Ron Paul's name in it. When you click through, you get a garbage interview that only makes Ron Paul look bad from its poor style and even inaccurate and/or a-contextual content.

Worse, there are people putting his name in stories about other candidates to try and help get their stories dugg more quickly and gain more prominence.

It's far better to take some time and choose the best stories that are upcoming and only dig those than to just digg everything that comes up in a match. Sadly, a significant portion of the internet is not very discerning. General observation and official studies tell us that users tend to only scan content, and they tend to walk away from what is in print believing it regardless of its source.

Lets make sure we don't get hoisted on our own petar.


Don't forget to support Dr. Paul in the online polls. He's back on the Pajamas Media Presidential Straw Poll (you can Google it to find a site to vote) and right now he's in 2nd place behind Fred Thompson.

Also DONATE! If you're like me, you may only be able to donate small amounts each week, but do what you can!

And yes, Dr. Paul needs a MUCH BETTER web site. This is going to have to be a strong internet effort, and his site just is not up to par.

Dont take this the wrong way...

But online Polls seem to mean NOTHING! Dr. Paul moved up to 3% on the Zogby poll, yet not a peep. Let's the the website done, and dominate the web!!!

We love you RON!!!

Vote for FREEDOM!

Vote for FREEDOM!


Everytime I go to I cringe! We need a site that emulates Obama's. There is no communication. I signed up to be a supporter, NO RESPONSE!!! (this was over 3 weeks ago!). There is no structure based on events and meetings. Everyone is out there doing their own thing. We should be lead by our leader at a single site, or at least be able to post events so that we can all be on the same page.

Obviously adding a "my" feature would add many thousands of hits. With people setting up blogs and being able to track donation fundraising would stir people to get out the message.

I would like to see this site become much more than a web 1.0 document. We DO NOT stand a chance without moving this site into the 21st century. We are not getting media attention. We need to embrace web 2.0, There has to be a much better forum of live communcation. Relying on myspace is so OLD. SPEND the money on a dominate web presence. The internet is our only source to get the message out, we need to dominate in this area.

My YouTube videos ( ) have gotten THOUSANDS of hits. Many many people that have not known you Dr. Paul has stated to me via email that know that they have heard you they support you. Build a strong site! Many people my age look at the site and judge how serious a canadiate is in this race. I hope you raised the money to get an updated page. Imagine the hits you would get if you has a community of people blogging everyday and posting events on a single source site, instead of the 1,000+ blogs out their!

Hey, if you did't raise the money to build a dynamic site. Post that you need XXX to build the site, people will donate if they know what it will do!!!

PS: What is web 2.0, view:

PPS: Sory for any typos, dont have time to review and edit!

Vote for FREEDOM!

Vote for FREEDOM!

Online Volunteers Needed

I agree. The site needs to be redesigned. A new website does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. There are many web designers and computer programmers on the Internet that would jump at the opportunity to create a new website. The campaign could use online volunteers to create a large highly coordinated online presence.

I am a computer programmer that would gladly donate some of my time. I am sure there are many others out there who would do the same.


Site Design.

I mailed the campaign team the other day asking to assist in the redesign of their site. I told them the team would work for free and that they would be under no obligation to accept the design. Their response was that they already had a team lined up; I take this to mean a new design is coming... thank god.

#RonPaul @

#RonPaul @

Additional ways

  1. Change your slashdot signature. (or any other similar websites)
  2. If you use IRC change your part/quit message and maybe point to one of the #RonPaul channels on FreeNode, EFnet, or Undernet.

Dr. Ron Paul to save America in 2008!!
co-founder / co-operator of the #RonPaul IRC channels on
Freenode, EFnet, OFTC, Undernet, & Solitox.