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**Obama Pledges $1 TRILLION Stimulus Package**

Play the video that goes with the article. You need a laugh.


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You can't expect someone to

You can't expect someone to go from a media neo-con to a libertarian overnight. I was pissed off too when he called RP supporters terrorists (or whatever the implication was), but I think he is legitimately having a change of heart. He bashes Obama and "liberals", sure, but more and more I see him blaming Washington rather than certain partisan groups.

I know many people who voted for bush in 04, and are now full on libertarians. It was a lengthy process for them to make such a change, would you be so quick to write off their opinions just because they were wrong in the past?

"The sinews of war are infinite money" ~ Cicero

"The sinews of war are infinite money" ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

....."McVeigh" types.........

After his comments concerning RP'ers being "Timothy McVeigh" types, that guy can kiss my ass, and permanently.

That guys on my "do not trust" list (the shitlist), forever more.

Who is

Timothy McVeigh ?

Some people call Glenn a

Some people call Glenn a neocon, but he has come a long way.


He agrees with

Ron Paul these days.

He's really not to be trusted

The first call he took after the election was from someone who objected to the fact that Obama has still not complied with demands to produce proof of citizenship. Glenn hung up on him and said You are talking about MY president.I have no more respect for him. He likes to talk like he has an independent mind, but when the chips are down, he is a Neocon at heart and a prostitute for the NWO.

Have to agree about

some of the things he says and his support of Palin. He seems to support RP at times, is against the bailouts, and just posted that video about Obama. Did you play it? Made me laugh. :-)

It was NOT complimentary to our President.

I think his 75% truths are

I think his 75% truths are meant to steer those with casual interest in politics looking for easy answers away from the Revolution & its thinking. I've listened to him for years and still come away let down much of the time.