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Greek Riots: The veneer of civilization is very thin indeed

These scenes look like something out of the future America portrayed in The Army of the Republic, but they're happening right now in Greece:

The catalyst for the nationwide riots was the shooting of a Greek youth by police, but clearly the root cause runs much deeper. A hidden violence and rage is boiling just beneath the veneer of western civilization. The storm that is brewing will engulf the world. The Greek riots are just a preview of what will be coming to large American cities as the Second Great Depression deepens.

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Yes We will see this in time

Yes We will see this in time when it gets harder and harder to make a living. As a matter of fact go ahead and look forward to racial tensions too because We are the great melting pot that doesn't expect anyone to conform.


The police are involved in questionable deadly shootings here all the time and the public most times merely lifts a beer can....

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one day

building up...one day it explodes...remember Tea Party


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That attitude is changing

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You are right


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