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I'm actually quite optimistic - but why do tears come so easily? Am I the only one?

I'm not a depressed person, quite the contrary. How come then do I watch a good Ron Paul youtube video, a good Ron Paul speech or lets say something simple like that USA today advertisement and the tears flow and my throat swells up? I feel like such a cry baby.

Are my instincts at work here? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

LOL Before you tell me I should get off the computer because I've obviously been reading too much of this stuff, trust me, I've been hard at work schooling my children at home and taking care of my responsibilities - then - every spare moment I have is spent involved in something to do with spreading Ron Paul's message. My Husband is almost certainly going to be a delegate and I will try to become one as well.

I just hope we're doing enough. I just read this http://dailypaul.com/node/7476 and specifically a post by manystrom - titled "the reason she was terrified" and I believe he/she is absolutely correct. I've been reading at the DailyPaul and around the web long enough to see the writing on the wall.

I can't wait to cry HAPPY tears when Ron Paul is elected.

Now, someone tell me something funny quick! :)

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Sorry---let's remember those good ol' days

Some of you might have missed this post from way back in November. Not to be missed---It let me know I wasn't alone in tearing up from RP videos! Awesome post---and what I love about DailyPaul.

This one gets me when the melodramatic Coldplay music comes in:

Musician/Assistant Meetup organizer. Hear my stuff: www.myspace.com/americanpirates

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Ahhh Heck...

I got cholked up just reading your post...I think one look at all the responses your post got, you'll be assured that you're not alone.

Vote Freedom
Vote Liberty

Paul M. Green
Solomons, MD

Vote Freedom
Vote Liberty

This is the youtube that chokes me up...

...with Paul Simon's beautiful "American Tune".


Then later I see people watching the usual mind-dulling pablum they dish out on TV and I want to shake them! It's like they are dead to the real world. Makes me sad again.

LOL! I'm laughing with this

LOL! I'm laughing with this post, but I already posted my crying response. It looks to me like, from the number of responses to your question, that you have had one of the most successful topics ever here. It just goes to show that the one thing that we all have in common here is our passion for our cause!

LoL - You're NOT alone. I

LoL - You're NOT alone. I often have the same reactions to this stuff. And a home schooling Mom too!

The Star Spangled Banner sung in Paul's presence does it for me!

I can hear it before a sports game and I only think about how much Bushler has screwed over the people. But when Rockie Lynne performs it at a Paul rally it REALLY takes on a new and urgent meaning.


"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

For me, the tears come from joy

Why is it so hard for the human species to have decent, principled, civil leaders?

It seems the human world is sociologically sick...in psychological terms, society is in regression. Most of us act like children when it comes to dealing with others...such as Wonka's Veruca "I want it now" Salt. Thus, corporations, politicians, the used car salesperson prioritize profit over morality. Also, most people become teen-age-ish apathetic and just accept it as normal.

A society that is sociologically healthy cannot be that way (or allow it to be that way). Sure we can discuss which morals to persue, but clearly procreation has out-paced the spread of wisdom.

As Zoolander's Mugatu said "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

Then we see a person like Ron Paul: a beacon of emotional health, of sanity, of experience, of wisdom. He speaks wisely and concisely about the horrible issues that everyone else avoids. Of course, nearly anyone who is exposed to him immediately wants him over the unprincipled and seemingly emotionally sick leaders.

In Matrix terms, Ron Paul is our Morpheus, forcing us to choose between continuing being part of a sick manufactured world or re-joining the real world. I took the Ron Paul pill and occasionally cry out of joy for it.

Ron Paul shows us the way

Our gov't is meant to be a representative gov't. They are the servants, we are the masters. That means WE are the leaders. When we look to our representatives and servants as our leaders, we have LOST SIGHT.

If we are to fix the problems, we need only look at ourself, change ourself into decent, principled, civil people. The next step is to represent our fellow man in gov't just as Dr. Paul is doing for the position he is competing for.

A simple way to remember how to behave is to remember a variant of a popular phrase - "What would Ron Paul do?"

Thanks for this thread, i

Thanks for this thread, i was thinking i was the only one experiencing this. I'm a grown man who has to choke back the tears while watching many of the Ron Paul videos.

It's emotional to hear the unvarnished truth spoken by Dr Paul and then see the spontaneous reactions of his supporters. I been ashamed to be an Ameerican after all that Bush has done with the support of the Democrats.

Dr Paul has made it feel good to be an American again. Thank you Dr Paul and thank all the Great supporters out there all over the Country. We're just getting started!! Let's keep it up!!

Crying is not a sign of weakness rather it is a sign of passion

I am a 37 yr old 240 pound tough southern man and I get teary eyed everytime I see one of Ron's videos. I believe the tears come from three sources. The first is shame. I am ashamed of what we have let our country become through the years while we stood by and shopped. The second is pride. Pride in seeing a man and his supporters trying valiantly to take this country back from the thieves that hoodwinked us. It's like the pride a father feels when he sees his son doing the right thing. The third is joy. Joy in seeing so many brothers and sisters standing together and saying enough!!!!! This will not stand!!!! Acollective response to evil. I cry because I never in my life thought I would feel this way again and for that I am thankful.

Todd Harrel

When and why I cried;

For me it was the first debate - I was first stunned into silence by the courage and honesty of Dr Paul on US foreign policy. then after watching the video again and his exchange with Guiliani I cried. I have to admit then next time I shed a tear was when I watched a youtube video about this guy who was just driving on the highway and noticed people holding Ron PAul signs on the overpasses (its only 15 seconds long);


what he said moved me.

That's why we have a shot!

That's why we have a shot!

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.
Thomas Jefferson, 1791

I feel like crying for joy

I feel like crying for joy every time I come to the DP and see the number of people online. 100's and 100's and not long ago it was only 7 or 8.

BTW, I've followed Dr Paul for over 20 years and when Guiliani opened his mouth to start his 'absurd' speech, I told my wife that he was making a huge mistake. The biggest mistake of the campaign. It was obvious that he didn't know Dr Paul. Guiliani gave Dr Paul an opportunity, Dr Paul took it and look how far we've come. It feels good to be part of something that makes me proud to be an American again.

I have come to believe that despite the PTB and vote counting fraud, Dr Paul can win and our country be saved. I am proud to be a part of so many people that are wise enough to put aside their differences to come together behind Dr Paul and fight to regain the real America. Makes me feel like I did as a young man when the National Anthem was played.

For me...

It's not so much that Ron Paul is great (which he is),

It's more the spirit of the people. Everybody is coming together for freedom, doing what they know is right.

The most amazing thing about this has NEVER been the soft-spoken congressman - it has always been the strength, passion and will of those who will not be ruled.

Live free or die.

Hell yes.

The mainstream media is dead.

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Not much to say

Just want to bump this post because I like it.


"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand

SHE STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN - Michael Savage in reference to Dianne Fienstein

David Burns
Simi Valley, CA


You’re not alone. I'm not a teary eyed guy either. But when I see anyone of the many great video clips, or here him speak "our fore fathers would be ASHAMED of what we have been putting up with" makes me weep for joy. Ron Paul is the only true Statesmen in Washington DC.

The tears we are talking about here are similar to the ones written about in the bible where is says and Jesus wept for them!

I love this Guy with all my heart, and pray for him every night before I retire for the evening, and again each morning when I rise for the day, requesting two things from my maker.

1.) That God will protect him, his wife, their children and grandchildren from all harm, and

2.) That God would move on the hearts of just 1/3 of Peter Schiff's subscribers (20,000 souls of the 60,000) to donate the maximum $2300 dollars requested of them by Peter on the 16th of December.

I believe that God can, and does move mountains!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


The Winds of Change!

Jeeeze people!!!

You guys have made this 33 yr old male sob like my 2yr old since the first youtube video months ago...

We are all part of something special, I just pray to my creator, with my 2yr old daughter, each night we have the numbers to make this happen.

If we cannot, god save us, our country, and the world. However there is a man who has written a book with a blueprint for people such as us to give freedom one last chance. I encourage everyone here to read the book:

Molon Labe
by: Kenneth Royce (aka Boston Tea Party)
ISBN-10: 1888766077
ISBN-13: 978-1888766073

READ IT!! I would carry out this book with everyone who is a RP supporter!!!

Tears for Liberty

These are tears of joy that come from seeing
your fellow countrymen rising up in defense
of LIBERTY, these are tear of pride and joy,
and most of all a new found hope for America!
Something we had long ago forgotten and lost
until Ron Paul came along!

I made a video about this some time ago:


RECLAIM.org - Las Vegas MEETUP


budget and inspiration

..i'm $230 from my max.

my mom is DAR and my dad's family was at the original boston tea party, in 1812, in WWII, in Viet Nam and I was activated for Desert Storm, Panama, and Hurricane Andrew.

it is important for me to hold out until the 16th with my remaining funds so I can be part of something dear to my heart and my family's.

i will continue to contribute in other ways....

...for now, please reach deep everyone. My $230 will count for 1.15 people on the 16th...

65 year old Vietnam Vet

65 year old Vietnam Vet tough guy here. I cried twice in my life before, once when my grandmother passed (she raised me) and again when my 16yr old daughter Angela passed.
Then out of nowhere awhile back while watching Dr. Paul deliver the message of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom at a rally this feeling of hope and pride came over me and tears welled up in my eyes. I tried to supress the feeling at first (being the tough guy) but was unable to do so and have been unable to do so on numerous occasions since.
There is SOMETHING going on here folks. It's called a collective consciousness. When this many people are on the same wave length and experience the same emotional feelings about the same thing it creates an energy that can change the course of human events.
No other campaign can even come close to the passion that has arisen around ours and it is this passion that will lead us to victory against all odds.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

netzorro nailed it

"There is SOMETHING going on here folks. It's called a collective consciousness. When this many people are on the same wave length and experience the same emotional feelings about the same thing it creates an energy that can change the course of human events."

In response to the $4.3 million raised in one day, many media folk said "What is going on?!"

Many of us assume the media is out to get Ron Paul, but clearly they don't get what is going on. Working in the media is tough...it requires you to leave morality at home and be callous about things. However, I believe once the 'collective consciousness' hits the people that make up the media, things will change.

I believe the last time we had a strong moral influence in society was a couple decades ago via Christianity. Political correctness ran Christianity out of corporate cultures, leaving a void. I think this collective consciousness is filling that void...and it isn't a religious morality that can be ran off due to its label. Ron Paul is definately Christian, but his message/movement is drawing people of all and no religions. And it is drawing strong lines between those that believe it and those that don't.

This morality, I believe, comes from the foundations of all religions and all other civilized belief systems. It comes from the basics of human goodness: integrity, hope, kindness, courage, etc. It is the 'hook' of all belief systems that stand the test of time: original Judaism, Yoga, Taoism, original Christianty, original Islam, Confuscianism, etc.

Further, it is a mature belief system...one that won't label others as evil-doers. It is available to all...thus all are draw to it. The more emotionally mature you become, the more you are drawn to this belief...thus so many are drawn to Ron Paul for being and speaking it.

American citizens are earning back the respect of the world

My country the Philippines had been the first annexed by America's foreign policy in 1898. Ever since, our natural resources, timber, gold, copper, labor, were depleted by american industry. and we became a dumping ground for surpluses[we were not allowed to charge tariffs to protect our industries from american products]

Neary a hundred years we had the biggest US Military Installations at Clark and Subic. The runway at Clark Airbase[US 13th airforce] is rumored, could even be used by the Space Shuttle if needed.

Economically, thru the IMF, Worldbank [the federal reserve's international presence], we were forced to obtain loans[money from nothing] for projects like a nuclear reactor built at an earthquake faultline[never used]

Worst of all, we were always "ADVISED" under veiled threat of sanctions--TO DEVALUE OUR CURRENCY-the philippine peso!

Ours is a tragic case.
The colonial policy of America took away all our natural wealth.
They took away our currency, and lowered its value thru blackmail.
They took away our natural wealth, and any other wealth we could ever generate, thru our labor,--for generations to come using debt [AID LOANS].

Now, the IMF and WB keep saying NEED MORE LOANS. Why? Because our peso is soo devalued[by them], we cannot afford to build infrastructure. And they tie it to MORE LOANS that MUST BE USED FOR AMERICAN CORPORATIONS. And if we will not, we are labelled "corrupt", or be given any reason under the sun, to prevent access to needed capital.

Why am I saying all of this?

It is both a warning and an expression of solidarity.

This is a warning, because if you want to have a picture of yourselves as Americans continuing in the future under the current path--LOOK AT US! Coerced, living in fear, poor, robbed of our dignity, wealth and future.
The Fed/IMF/WB regularly intervene and label the Philippines as the most corrupt in Asia, whenever large American corporate interests are not pleased. Dig deeper in each issue and timing, and you see all the earmarks.

This "corruption" labelling is robbing us FIlipinos of our soul.
I am reminded of the way Ron Paul supporters are tagged "terrorists". Good for all of you, you can, and are fighting back. We, colonial america's foreign subjects cant.

This is also an expression of solidarity.



The video, "A New Hope", and "Our Power-Our Responsibility" has an even deeper emotional resonant echo[the ones that first bought tears to me]---That image of a crying soldier with a powerful song in the background "...we are all grieving...lost and bleeding...". That soldier who is cradling a dead Iraqi child must've had all his humanity tested.





I now have great respect to America's founding fathers.
I now have great respect for Ron Paul.
I now have great hope for America, and its citizens.

Only now, had I known it for what it really is. And I am proud and happy for my tears are of enlightenment. Now, I share the feeling all of you feel, it must've been the same feeling Ron Paul had over 30years ago, when he started his lonely quest.

Now, I am proud I have it.

We, the foreign subjects of the American empire, see that the empire has now turned on its own citizens to survive.

For what its worth, know that we are cheering you on.
We see what you now see, we feel what you feel.

In behalf of my country, we thank you. You all have given hope to us, as much as Ron Paul.

engr jcayeng
Senator Alfred Beveridge (R-Indiana)
speech in Congress on January 9, 1900.
. . . [J]ust beyond the Philippines are China's illimitable markets. . . We will not renounce our part in the mission of our race, trustee of God, of the civilization of the world. . . Where shall we turn for consumers of our surplus?. . . China is our natural customer. . . [England, Germany and Russia] have moved nearer to China by securing permanent bases on her borders. The Philippines gives us a base at the door of all the East. . . They [the Filipinos] are a barbarous race, modified by three centuries of contact with a decadent race [the Spanish]. . . It is barely possible that 1,000 men in all the archipelago are capable of self-government in the Anglo-Saxon sense. . . The Declaration [of Independence] applies only to people capable of self-government. How dare any man prostitute this expression of the very elect of self-government peoples to a race of Malay children of barbarism, schooled in Spanish methods and ideas? And you, who say the Declaration applies to all men, how dare you deny its application to the American Indian? And if you deny it to the Indian at home, how dare you grant it to the Malay abroad.

Oh my!

Such a great response. Don't give up on us Americans yet.....there are still a lot of good ones here who don't agree with the way things have been going with our country. Looks like we are fighting for you as well.

Sounds like it is time to start your own rEVOLution in your own country.

We fought a US-Puppet dictator,and WON!!!

We had our revolution before. It was called 1986 "PEOPLE POWER" of the Philippines.

Tanks, Amphibious landing crafts, all the military muscle of the US-BACKED PRES MARCOS was met by PEOPLE, nuns, priests, workers, middle-class, intellectuals, streetvendors, from all walks of life---GIVING THEM FLOWERS, FOOD, ROSARIES. Please look for the pictures on the internet,it is very uplifting. IT MIGHT EVEN GIVE YOU SOME TIPS if ever MILITARY FORCE IS USED ON YOUR PEACEFUL RALLIES.

Then VP George Bush Sr, openly praised MARCOS>>"...WE LOVE YOUR ADHERENCE TO DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES..." 1981speech. while martial law raged in the country

and WHEN WE WERE SUCESSFUL, THE US "RESCUED" MARCOS FROM THE PEOPLE! The flew him to Hawaii, where he died years later.
Standing ovation, after Cory Aquino was DUPED INTO SAYING THIS, by advisers openly in favor of Marcos before.


Several sectors were against this, coups happened again and again. One almost succeeded, until US 13th AIRFORCE F4 PHANTOM JETS flew over Metro Manila[capital] conducting "PERSUASION FLIGHTS" against the coup plotters.

It is the movers of American Colonialism that dictates the Philippines' success and/or failure, and intervenes militarily to "protect its [corporate] interests".

I've studied the US-Filipino war

It was one of the first imperialistic and one of the most treacherous military actions taken by the US.

After only a couple generations, the US government had lost its way.

"This is a warning, because if you want to have a picture of yourselves as Americans continuing in the future under the current path--LOOK AT US! Coerced, living in fear, poor, robbed of our dignity, wealth and future."

Thank you for the warning jc-philippines. I, and many others, hear your warning loud and clear.

Many don't know about true US history...you really have to go outside academia to get it. Once you do, it is shocking. For starters, I encourage everyone to read or watch Harry Browne's "Why do they hate us so much?" http://youtube.com/watch?v=fLGI62g7wjw

From there, drill down on any and all military actions.

Once you see what is happening, the need for the message of liberty becomes even more critical.

It seems to me that the

It seems to me that the Philippine government is no more corrupt than those of the US. I am trying to figure out how each can be improved. The media suppression of truth is eerily similar to the Martial Law period of Marcos. The loss of the writ of habeas corpus is just what the Philippines had during the Martial Law. Is the US prepping itself for a Martial Law? We do need a little chaos (planned, planted or otherwise). If this happens, all the RP supporters who are now prepped up as terrorist will probably be rounded up as National Security threats in those bunkers that are being built all across the country?

BTW, the nuclear plant was built by Westinghouse, I believe, with no debate. Hence it was built on an earthquake fault. Halliburton, anyone?

Any dissenter were silenced; similar to Iran's Mosadeq in 1953? Elections rigged; No public debate of issues; rubber stamping congress (Batasan Pambansa); complacent citizen; disarmed citizen; crony capitalism controlling industries... I am talking about the Philippines, or perhaps the US?

thank you for trying to figure out how to help

thank you for trying to figure out how to help the Philippines.

Corruption in our govt is as much as the next government. However, the "corruption" tag is used further to silence opposition, or to silence when digging for answers-especially on why the economy FAILS TO SUSTAIN ITSELF. It is more like the "tagging" of "terrorists". The IMF/WB/Fed has near absolute power over our economy,hence, as RonPaul put it, CAUSES the artificial BUSINESS CYCLE of BOOM AND BUST. especially each time we start to either balance the budget, generate more production, or letting other nations have a crack at our infrastructure.

Now that I know that this business-cycle is artificial, it acquired a whole new meaning to me, when I remembered a TOP IMF OFFICIAL who said in 1988 "THE PHILIPPINES IS A BASKET-CASE". Ouch. and they themselves caused this boom-and-bust. What a thought-stopper.

And all Filipinos accepted this label. You have seen how a defeated people could be so tragic. The mindset is corrupted. We are "sheep", feeling helpless, jostling amongst ourselves for handouts from our colonial master. The master whom now I know causes all of this, and already has claim to any wealth we generate in the future thru debt.

Please, Please, Please. Don't be like us.
Win your war against Tyranny!
Or join our sad indulgence of self-pity.

Thank you for the kind responses everyone. It means a lot to me.

Beautiful post

Now I AM crying.

Speaking of Mt. Rushmore & the Spanish American War, ...after we elect Ron Paul, America should remove Teddy Roosevelt's likeness from that mountain face and replace it with Pauls !

Was it under Teddy that the

Was it under Teddy that the gold people have was called in?