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CNN: Leading GOP Candidate is 'None of the Above'

CNN has an article up that says in short that few people are happy with any of the so-called top-tier GOP candidates. "A half year before voting begins, the survey shows the White House race is far more wide open on the Republican side than on the Democratic."

About midway down the article is this gem:

Among the legions of undecided Republicans is Barbara Skogman, 72, a retired legal assistant from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She isn't at all excited about any of the prospects.

"I'm looking for a strong honest person. Do you know of any?" she joked.

Um, yeah - we know of one! - but apparently CNN doesn't. The article doesn't even mention Ron Paul. Even so, check out the article at CNN. It shows just how ripe the nomination is for the picking by Ron Paul!!! We've got to get the word out to people like the woman quoted above.

Thanks to idaholife for the tip.

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Let's Tell Barbara!

It shouldn't be too difficult to find Barbara Skogman of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Someone contact her and tell her that the candidate she wants exists.

"The only thing Necessary for evil to Triumph, is For enough Good Men to do nothing."---Edmond Burke

Her phone number can be found on

No Surprise

CNN does not care about the truth any more than the other major media outlets: they are lapdogs of the administration, from whom they get their orders. We all remember the blatant favoritism Wolf Blitzer showed during the last debate--Rudy, Mitt and McCain--were given a great deal of time; Dr. Paul was marginalized, as were some others. CNN doesn't care; they just do what they are told.

The mainstream media has become irrelevant, since they are primarily propaganda outlets for the administration and big business. They are a bit like comic books: entertaining and well done, but of no real consequence.

None of the Above

In my opinion this CNN poll is very telling and very positive for Dr. Paul; more so than one might think. The result of not having Dr Paul as a choice in this poll, and instead including Fred Thompson, who hasn’t even officially declared yet, is such an obvious attempt to minimize Dr. Paul and our grassroots support that it is almost laughable if it were not so dishonest.

I don’t believe for one minute that those 23% voters were “confused” at all. I believe that the vast majority of those votes would have been for Dr. Paul had he been on the ballot. The mainline media continues to make these tactical errors. This is just another ridiculously transparent attempt to make Dr. Paul seem inconsequential.

Every time they use these tactics, I become more motivated then ever to support Dr. Paul. Don’t be discouraged even one little bit; we are up against idiots who continue to show their true colors for anyone to see. Sooner or later they will either change their tune or self-destruct. They don't matter, but I for one, will not forget who they are!

Respectfully Yours,

would have vs. could be

I don’t believe for one minute that those 23% voters were “confused” at all. I believe that the vast majority of those votes would have been for Dr. Paul had he been on the ballot.

I would point out that Dr. Paul's name recognition is not there yet. Those 23% certainly could be and should be for Dr. Paul but if the poll simply included him, he would have received no more than 3 or 4% simply because they don't know him yet.

That is what we have to change.

I am glad he was not included because at this point showing him with low numbers is less helpful than showing that the largest group of republican primary voters are looking for something else.

Freedom is Popular

Someone get this lady a computer!

And an internet connection!

Tout de suite!