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Newsweek Interview's Ayn Rand Institute's Dr. Yaron Brook

From Newsweek:

It's not easy being Alan Greenspan these days. As the former Federal Reserve chairman, he urged government regulators to take a light touch while banks like Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers buried themselves—and the economy more generally—under a mountain of debt. Now that his reputation is plummeting faster than the stock market, he's been forced to admit a "flaw" in his hands-off ideology.

Of course, things look entirely different to members of "free-market advocacy groups," as they like to be called. One such group is the Ayn Rand Institute, named after the matriarch of the movement, whose antigovernment and anti-regulation views are embodied in her best-selling novels "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead." Indeed, Greenspan himself was a friend of Rand's, and a devotee of her extreme free-market philosophy, known as Objectivism. NEWSWEEK's Barrett Sheridan spoke with the head of the Ayn Rand Institute, Dr. Yaron Brook, about why he defends free markets while much of the rest of the world has turned away from them, and what he thinks of Greenspan today. Excerpts: (click here to continue)

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It Was Not Lack Of Regulation

It was illegal what was done. All mortgages contain wording that an assignment can be made. This gave the mortgagor certain rights. However, these mortgages were bound and bundled without advising the mortgagor of the assignment and providing him with the name of the assignee. So the mortgagor never found out who was the ultimate mortgagee. I found this out personally when my so-called mortgage company (merely a processor of the funds) told me they didn't know who my mortgagee was. Regulation or free market did not have anything to do with it. It was illegal and a violation of the mortgage contract itself.

Sheldon Waxman

it was a good read

Nothing about Israel in the post...those were good clear answers.

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Ok ... let me spell it out for you.

He was a big cheerleader in the $3.5 trillion dollar "OFF BUDGET" Iraq war.

He cannot come clean, he was a champion of the debt being run up and driving a steak through our economy. Now that the Left is gleefully watching the titans of Capitalism beg for bailouts, he takes no blame? Now that Bush "saves" the auto companies and the Banks, he takes no blame? He and other NeoCon War Hawks have a lot of blame for the Credit bubble, indeed their pet war of aggression was paid for all "off budget", read inflation.

For this guy to "defend" the free market, to my way of thinking, is a bit like the murder defending the art work of the artist he just murdered.

He was no friend of Ron Paul or us in the movement.

With "friends like these".....


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Yaron Brooke is a Zionist mole

He has totally perverted Ayn Rand's foreign policy positions -- Intentionally.

Most of all he was against Dr. Paul on the question of invading Iraq. He and others inside the libertarian-objectivism movement went with the NeoCons and ok'd a war of preemption which as Dr Paul pointed out, goes squarely against the Christian tradition of Just War Theory. I can recall meeting Objectivists speakers, and to a man they would not come out and say that Attacking Iraq was Morally Wrong thing to do. The hypocrisy was loud and clear. Ironically, it was Pope John Paul who made the case for what is and is not a moral reason for war, and let the Bush Administration know in clear terms that Catholics where against America invading Iraq.

Yaron Brooke advocates ATTACKING and even throwing NUKES at Islamic countries. Yaron thinks what is Good For ISRAEL is good for America. He and others intentionally confuse the self interest of Israel with the self interest of America. Its as if he is a spy or a mole or a propaganda mouthpiece for Israel, and he will spout every other Ayn Rand position correctly, but do his best to warp her objectivism into something For Israel. He uses his position over at the Ayn Rand Institute to wrap its followers into the NeoCon direction on foriegn Policy. For Yaron, Israel can do no wrong.

Justin Raimondo who did a lot of blogging support of Dr Paul and his foreign policy pointed out this in one of his essays. Further, Sheldon Richmond over at the Freedom Foundation did an excellent look into the right and wrongs of the whole Israeli vs Palestinian situation from a truly Libertarian perspective. As we know, libertarians take justly attained private property as a moral good, (so did Ayn Rand) and so with the historical record in front of him researched out the who was right and who was wrong. Bottom line is that the religious Jews, particularly the Settlers make a religious claim to land, and are not willing to pay for it. Only a small percentage of now Jewish owned land was properly (from a libertarian and objectivists point of view) rightly purchased outright. Religious Jewish settlers have had the State of Israel, particularly its military and courts, do its bidding. The net effect is the ghettoizing of the Palestinian people, the resulting apartied that is more and more their life.

But thanks to the likes of Yaron Brooke, followers and readers of the Ayn Rand Institute are never provided a real Objectivists analysis of causes of the Palestinian Israeli conflict. Indeed, Ayn Rand herself had no clue to its causes. When asked on the Phil Donahue show, instead of saying honestly I do not know" or "blank out" as she called it, she responded by saying that the Israeli people where the most industrious people, capitalistic, and that the Palestinians were barbarians, savages, just savages to be killed and done away with. It was NOT Ayn Rand at her best. I and others were very saddened by her response. She had no clue. Her point that we should honor and respect the industrious is a constant theme of hers, but in this case it was misapplied.

Objectivism does not recognize religious claims to land, nor does it recognize it as a valid one when it is 2000 plus years old. Could you imagine the descendants of the Arizona Pueblo Indians, returning from all parts of the world on Phoenix Arizona, claiming land and pushing out the people living in the city? It would make no difference if they were more industrious then the city folks pushed out. Yet the likes of Yaron Brooke, an Israeli by birth, a former Israeli soldier, comes to the question not as some unbiased historian looking at the facts in an OBJECTIVE manner and applying the principles of OBJECTIVISM which, by the way, sits squarely upon Individual Rights to Private Property justly attained. So for the Ayn Rand Institute, under the leadership of Yaron Brooke, Israeli and Jew and self professed Zionist, to put the Stamp of Ayn Rand on the evil land stealing and murderous theft on the actions of a national government no less, is JUST PERVERSE.

Yaron Brooke should step down from the Ayn Rand Institute. But that will not happen. Something odd and strange -- or maybe it is not so odd and strange - has happened over there. Since Rand appointed her Jewish relative, Lenard Peikoff "the world's foremost authority on Ayn Rand" (Puke!) http://www.peikoff.com/ the overwhelming "Jewishness" of the whole AR institute & enterprise has gone on unchecked. Just where is the Objectivism in that? Evolutionary biologists will be quick to chime in that such nepotism is common in organizations and cults. I submit it has made Objectivism a still-born philosophy. I further submit that it is a reasonable suspicion to think that Yaron Brooke, a former Israeli army military intelligence officer, could be part of the overall Mossad campaign to control the intellectual levers in America in Israel's favor. Its a huge influence upon Jewish citizens, shaping lifelong perceptions and causing twisted goals all in the cause of Zionism. http://www.stumbleupon.com/url/www.thefirstpost.co.uk/45588%...

In Peace & Liberty,

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"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Quite interesting ...

I was equally disappointed in Walter Williams and his similar views on the same subjects.

And of course Michael Medved, who has clearly put all his chips on the side of the neo-cons.

Mr. Brooke has been successful at staying under the radar, but he will be forced into transparency in due course.


I agree, I hate

I agree, I hate Newsweek....

Betram Scudder of Ellsworth Toohey of the real world...

Newsweek sucks.