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Boston Tea Party Recap & the Committees of Safety

Yesterday's Boston Tea Party 2008 was a blast. The speakers were dynamic and informative. Afterward, a bunch of us, including most of the speakers, went to Boston's historic Green Dragon Tavern for a beer. The Green Dragon is known as the "Headquarters of the Revolution." Back in the day, The Sons of Liberty, Boston Committee of Correspondence and the North End Caucus each met there. The Boston Tea Party was planned there and Paul Revere was sent from there to Lexington on his famous ride. Last night, Rand Paul was there, as was Edwin Vieira, Bob Schultz, Walter Reddy, Lynn Landes, Katherine Albrecht and more than 100 r3volutionaries! It was truly a festive time.

Most people commented that this year's event was a little better than last year's, thanks in part to the weather. Last year we had about 8" of slushy snow that fell the night before and made getting around the city difficult. This year it was cold, but but the skies were clear and beautiful. Inside the hall we weren't overwhelmed with speakers and we had a couple of breaks during the day to mingle with each other and the speakers. It was great to meet so many people in person and make so many different and unexpected connections. I got a new sense of the seriousness of the situation we face, but was also enriched with a new confidence that we will be able to overcome it.

This year's Tea Party was presented by, and was the kick off to the Committees of Safety. I encourage everyone to go check out the website and join. This is a real grassroots organization intent on taking our country back. Many people here are restless and say that the movement is dying, that all we do is talk. After yesterday, I have to disagree. We've simply been catching our breath and looking for the next appropriate step to become clear. Our group is as tight and solid and dedicated as ever. We have not, and are not going away - that much is clear. The next step is organization of ourselves by ourselves, and that is what the Committees of Safety is about.

For more information, please read on below, then visit the site, join, and let's get to work taking our country back by first reclaiming our communities, then joining our reclaimed communities together once again.

Committees of Safety

The Committees are focusing on the things that will provide “Security of a free State”

1.“Security of our money” - Hardly anyone will deny the present fiat monetary system (the Federal Reserve System) is unsound and unsustainable as well as unConstitutional. We are offering solutions to this problem that will inject sound, stable Constitutional money into our State’s economy.

2.“Security from natural and man-made disasters” - Most everyone will agree with disgust the way the Department of Homeland Security (using Blackwater, Army and National Guard troops) and FEMA handle a disaster (such as hurricane Katrina). This “top down” approach is a disaster in itself. The solution,We the People, in our communities, best understand our local conditions and needs. We will need preparedness training to help support our first responders (our local police, fire and E.M.S.)

3.“ Security of our vote count”- Most Americans are aware now of the massive vote fraud taking place in our country today. According to the New York Times and L.A Times articles, as well as a HBO documentary “Hacking democracy” these optical scan and touch screen machine can be remotely hacked into and the vote totals altered. We believe the best solution is, hand counted, paper ballots, counted in public view. Then publicly display the results at the polling place as well as the internet. Anything less than this transparency is a sham. Without a secure, honest, transparent vote count, we can’t “vote honest representatives in” or “vote the bums out”.

4.“Security of our food and water” - Most Americans are not prepared in the event of a natural disaster , with the disruption in the supply of food, water, power, etc, and have a very limited supply of food and water stored ( usually only a few days). Addressing these issues and offering solutions at the community level will bring the people together and provide for our common welfare.

These security issues, and others can and should be dealt with at the local community and State level, not the federal level.

The Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, etc. are neither inclined nor prepared to provide true “national security” in the form of “the security of a free State” of which the Constitution speaks in the Second Amendment. Instead, when these agencies arrive “to restore order” in their ham-handed ways in the midst of chaotic conditions, Local public officials immediately lose control of their jurisdictions; individuals, families, and businesses invariably suffer abridgments of their freedoms; and power inevitably shifts from We the People and the States- where the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution declares that most of it should reside- to unelected “internal-security professionals” for whom “maintaining order”, even at the cost of Local citizens’ individual freedoms and personal prosperity, is the sole desideratum. True “national security” degenerates into police-state regimentation.

This situation can only become worse as future crises- and in the not-so-distant future, too- become ever more extensive, intensive, prolonged, and intractable.

And that future crises are breaking out at an ever-accelerating pace-- particularly affecting this country’s and the world’s monetary, banking, and other financial systems-- points up the urgency of the problem. No less than the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States have admitted that these systems are now largely out of control. Bail-outs of hundreds of billions (even trillions) of dollars expose the dangers even more starkly. And there is no end in sight.

So America will be faced, and must be prepared to deal, with unavoidable crises of perhaps catastrophic proportions, today and for many tomorrows to come. Unfortunately, she is not ready to take on this challenge. If that deficiency is not remedied, and very soon, the damage America will suffer will not only will be incalculable but also irremediable.

Continue at the Committees of Safety.

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Agree with discomfort about site's spelling error

The "Principals" tab is just that--a tab that sticks out to a degree relative to content that might contain a typo. Before I join and/or refer people, that error must be changed. The devil is always--always--in the details.

Typo has been corrected

The web designer was rushing when updating the www.committeesofsafety.org new site pages and he inadvertently changed the principles to principals. It's been changed back to the correct spelling. Now on a more positive note, we had a GREAT time this weekend ! This past week has been exhausting, focusing on last minute details of the www.BostonTeaParty08 event but it was well worth it because everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoyed themselves ! It was great to spend time with Dr. Rand Paul again. He really seemed to enjoy this historic event. For those that missed it, you will be able to view the event by pre-ordering the DVD on the www.BostonTeaParty08 website. Not only did we do a high quality filming of the entire event but we have 4 hr of extra interviews we did Saturday with the guest speakers.
We will be working on post production of the film this week and hope to be sending the DVD out in the first couple of weeks in January. The first orders will be sent out first, so, order one today.

I agree Michael.

We are waiting for the next step. We have a troll on this site who made a ridiculous comment about members of the R3VOlution. It was great to see all-sides rally together. The fire is still there.

Thanks for the post.. I will look into joining the Committees of Safety.



Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

The REAL Grassroots organization is the:

Campaign for Liberty! I can stress enough how important it is for all to go to campaignforliberty.com & JOIN! It costs $35, & the group needs that money to maintain the organization. We are trying to get one of ours to lead in every precinct in the country. We have to take over our states' GOP Central Committees. We have to have ours on the Executive Boards of these Central Committees. Only then, can we run candidates for office. Unless we elect our people to office, we are not going to get anywhere.

Cynthia Kennedy, Nevada

Sorry I do not agree...Re: C4L

C4L had an opportunity to support the http://www.bostonteaparty08.com/ and chose not to! It's the http://www.committeesofsafety.org/ not Campaign For Liberty that will lead the way for the future of the Freedom movement. That is why Dr. Rand Paul was there in Boston and was great like all the other speakers present this past weekend. The top down organizational structure of C4L is it's failure, not to mention the weak leadership of Jessie Benton.

Debbie's picture

Where did you get the data that CFL "chose not to" support the

Tea Party? And by the way, Jesse is not the leader of the CFL, John Tate is. Jesse is the Press Communications Director. Dr. Paul gets lots of positive media coverage, so Jesse must be doing his job.


Where did you get the data that CFL "chose not to" support the..


Answer; from Dr. Rand Paul himself whom was furious with C4L for the very week acknowledgment of this important event. C4L's last minute plug was luke warm at best! The http://www.committeesofsafety.org/ hosted this event which by the way are all Dr. Ron Paul supporters. RE: Jesse I stand corrected of his "leadership" role, but we were told by C4L staff that it was Benton call to get an official endorsement from C4L.

Michael, how soon can we see

Michael, how soon can we see this on Youtube?

I'm hoping you got the festivities on video for us poor denizens of the Sun Belt who didn't get there? :)

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States


You can purchase the DVD of the Tea Party which includes interviews with most of the speakers.The production will take about 1 month and has cost the Committees of Safety (COS) over $5,000. We are selling these for $17.76 which will help defray the costs and hopefully raise the neccesary funds to allow Dr. Vieira the time to write the statutes for the several states to introduce sound money bills in these states.
Pre-orderring would have gotten you the live webfeed as well.
The DVD will be a great tool for educating about the Committees of Safety. We are hoping that this
DVD will go viral similar to Freedom to Fascism.
Please sign on as a county coordinator and start your own COS then join our conference calls to learn and network.
Thanks to all who came to Boston for this event.
I honestly feel that the best part of the day was at the Green Dragon which was filled with freedom loving patriots - my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the revolution - I love you guyz.

Pathetic....statement Kevin

it only was a $3 investment to watch it "Live". It only cost $8,000.00 to produce this event. What a shame for all of you that couldn't pitch in!


Very encouraging.

Musician, Blimpographer...Hear my music: www.myspace.com/americanpirates
my videos: www.youtube.com/conservativefunds

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

FIAT Empire

I am only about 4:20 into this vid, where G. Edward Griffin comes in, I think this is one of the best explanations of the 'situation' I have seen.
Speaking of sight, I want to give some constructive criticism.
Can you enlarge the images where you place text to be read?
Even in full screen, I find it nearly impossible to read.
Now, back to the show...


I went to the website and clicked on Principals, thinking that there would be a list of principal people leading the organization. Instead, I found the "Principles" of the Committee of Safety.

I'm not an expert in grammar usage by any means, but I believe this is wrong usage. Am I wrong?

Principals: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/principals
Principles: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/principles

reedr3v's picture

I agree, the website is to some extent

for outreach; and for someone new to the ideas -- or just to the organization, first impressions are affected by spelling. It's very different from casual posts here on the Paul or other net forums that are quickly written and not expected to be proof read.

It's been corrected

See other post on typo

Committees of Safety - Food and Water

My 30 Day Seed Project

I recently collected 118 seeds from my normally consumed food of 30 days. This was just a project to see what kind of results could be achieved for preserving food during good or bad times.

My story: I am a biology major, but during my freshman year of college my history professor showed a video entitled "Harvest of Despair". It was a documentary of the Ukrainian farmers and Stalin's Russia. In the end, the farmers lost because they had no way to process their grain. 10's of millions of people died of starvation.

America used to be called the "Bread Basket of the World". Our focus has gone from connection to the earth to connection to our bank accounts. I agree in sound money, whole-heartedly as an essential part of any economy; but the quote "He who controls the food supply controls the people" rings truer now than when I was in college.

I hope you will join me in a Farming Revolution!!! It all starts in your backyard. See www.myfarmsf.com

Secondly, a dear friend of mine started an company called BioBarrels http://www.biobarrels.com/ . The concept works perfectly in Florida especially based on the 50 Trillion gallons of rain we receive every year (based on University of Florida Report). I recommend everyone getting their own supply of water as urgently as possible. Filter systems can be implemented with your rain barrels design.

Yours in Health and Freedom,

Yours in Health and Freedom

Thank you to Bob and Walter and the Committees of Safety...

And to all of the organizers, the speakers, M.C. Tom, Mike N., and of course, all of the attendees. You are all patriots, I am honored to be part of this cause, this mission to restore our individual liberties, and to have been in your company for this historic event. Thank you all.

Education is the key to preserving the liberties that our forefathers fought and died to insure…Share your knowledge, take action, and help to preserve freedom now, and for future generations.

I remain, for your children and mine, in pursuit of liberty,