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Congressman Ron Paul for United States President

a ron paul manifesto, revisited;

Congressman Ron Paul for United States President


We have lost our way and strayed from the free society our Founders secured for us in the Constitution, but there's no reason the principles that made us the greatest nation ever can't be restored.

We merely need to respect and follow the rule of law -- the U.S. Constitution -- and elect leaders determined to stand firm in its defense.

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Pass This Video on to Everyone. Many are still misinformed.

It's good to hear, directly from Ron Paul, exactly what he is fighting for. This is one of his best summary videos.

I was talking to my dad today, and even though I've talked to him for hours about Ron Paul, he had forgotten his name and asked when "my buddy" was up for re-election in the Senate!

He's a straight Republican that always votes straight Republican, and defends his position based solely upon what he hears on the radio, and reads in the newspapers.

A typical Republican.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech