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Soviet Union cracks down on protesters

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Kasparov is a Western-loving lunatic. Any plans that he has for Russia involve bringing it back to being the West's bitch as they were in the 90s. Russians LOVE Putin, over an 80% approval rate--the guy is doing great things for the country. Kasparov is merely trying to stir up a shitstorm. I have no sympathy for him here.

They keep that crap up and

They keep that crap up and next thing you know, it will be as bad as it is here!





Regardless, their media is

Regardless, their media is government controlled and it still freer and more objective than ours.


OK Forrest

Their media is government controlled. Ours is not. Ours is paid for by the government but the media could turn it's back on the government whenever it wants. Russian media cannot.

Anyone thinking that Russia is better than the USA isn't thinking clearly. It's Russian propaganda. Like a vacation commercial with a girl in a bikini on a beach holding out a beer. Come to Russia it's wonderful. lol


Any media outlet that somehow "turns it's back" on the government will cease to exist.