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Could Obama's Job be to make EVERYONE distrust and dislike him

Keeping in mind that he and his team are all EMPLOYEES of the Council on Foreign Relations, the American control arm of the Bilderberg alliance; It's becoming evident that a major portion of Obama's job is to destroy faith and trust in him as quickly as possible. Every time the "Office of the President Elect" speaks or makes an appointment, his support base and public faith drops. It wil be interesting to see what the next month before he takes office will hold.

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I think I see where you're going, Mike...

..but if anything he is just widening the fissure between those that adore him and those that already despise and distrust him. Those whom I've talked to (supporter) are blind to any wrong-doing - and always will be.

Those who have been suspect of his intentions and those who came out against him are already disenfranchised. He will never make his followers dislike him....short of rounding them up and publicly executing them... and even then, some will consider it 'for the greater good' and die willingly.

What will be made apparent is the battle line. There is definitely a divide between the Obama camp and all the other camps. My belief is that divide will be used to separate us further, to the point of civil conflict. That is the reason for the troops deployed here. That is the reason for the 'coffins' sighted in different areas of the country. That is the reason ammo is flying off the shelves.

I see no evidence that Obama's approval rating is slipping when he appears. At least not among the rabble that calls him 'master'.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

they want the civil unrest to come of it so they can instill

martial law , They have been pushing buttons for eight years trying to see how much people would take and now that they have the country completely divided they are pulling the rug out and are waiting for the Chaos to ensue.

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They're hoping people are mesmerized for long enough to get the constitution fully stripped then he'll go down alot harder then Jimmy Carter. A person I know told me "If he does a bad job this is the last time I'll get to elect a black man". Unfortunately this might be true.


What would be the objective

What would be the objective in that?


Creating chaos?

Distrust and Fear and rather closely related. It's a working theory. He could be laying relatively low right now, but he's out in the public eye every day blatantly going back on campaign promises and liberal expectations. As I said, I'm interested to see how the next month unfolds.

Why would he want the public

Why would he want the public to distrust and dislike him when he has the complete and utter control of his following right now?

He can do no wrong...people are completely subservient to him, even after making extremely questionable cabinet appointments and flip-flopping on his principles. I think that is much more desirable, a dream actually.


Because they know it's easier than trying to get everyone

to follow. Fear is better than respect, in their eyes.