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JIMR1150GS So You Hire Richard (Martfuncher) Then You State...


JIMR1150GS So You Hire Richard Then You State...
On December 6th, 2008 TrollkillerThomas says:

"Richard in my opinion is a computer genius. He did not fit into our small goals and it is a shame for he should have been hired by the very best computer company. His one hold back was his desire to live in a small town in Mississippi."

So Jim explain a little clearer please. Did you fire him? If so why? Did he quit? If so why? When was the last date you actually saw him? Talked to him? His last known town of residence? Name of small town in Mississippi he wanted to live in?

You state in main post:
"Martfuncher(I know how to get in touch with him)," Really?

Then you say:

" For those of you wanting contact, I will try the couple of numbers and e-mail addresses I have and let him know." Were still waiting....

And something ain't right here folks....

Martfuncher was here every day folks and Jim here is the last person to see him, he was also planning starting a website that is still sitting idle....What say you Jim?

Revolt For Freedom !!!

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bump for a missing patriot.



Revolt For Freedom !!!

Revolt For Freedom !!!

Martfuncher's real name

is Richard!?!?!?

Not sure what I was expecting......but somehow Richard wasn't it.

Regardless, someone please let him know that we'd like to have him back around.

bigmikedude's picture

What ever did happen

to martfuncher? Anyone know?

Call Rambo!

Martfuncher has gone missing.

Seriously ... What happened to him? He used to be here all the time.


one of those things that makes you go hmmmmmm....Bump