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Off topic...but IMPORTANT for those of you using Internet Explorer!

If you are currently using Internet Explorer you should be aware of a MAJOR FLAW! Please read this article and switch to another browser ASAP!!


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After reading this post the other day,

I started using Opera. The strangest thing happened tonight. Well, it was strange to me...although I'll admit I have little computer savvy. I was using Opera and got an error message that "IE had encountered a problem and had to close"!! What the heck????? How could IE have a problem and have to close if I was using Opera????

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Well, I haven't heard of Opera until people started talking

about it on my thread here...but hey, it's no big loss to lose IE is it?? LOL Just jealous of the Opera! ;-)

New math!

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I'm using Firefox (on XP Pro) on my MacBook right now and...

ditched IE "eons" ago. A safe browser vote here for Safari (naturally)...

Microsoft is responsible for

Microsoft is responsible for 99% of all the computer virus's out there. It's Microsoft code that is exploited. And even if it's a 3rd party app that gets exploited, the exploit always triggers a shell on Windows. If you are using Microsoft-anything then you are susceptible to exploits, virus's and severe frustration.

I still have a windows box for games but my linux box scores top notch and I'd use it any day over my crappy XP box.

I'm afraid

That someone is going to steal my DP .login info and come on here and make me sound like an anarchist or something, you know?

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
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'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

Internet Privacy

There is no such thing. If I went into details your eyes would gloss over and you would fall asleep. So Ill just post a couple links.


These are all old I'm sure they have improved, I know the stuff I use has.


no sound or video from firefox

This query may not be relevant, but it's obvious that many of you guys know more than I do, and I need some help. I've been trying to tap in to the human capital available through the internet via google search, but I've come up with nothing.

In the firefox browser I am unable to get any sound, except when I am running Internet Explorer IE! Previously, sound and vidoe worked fine through firefox. Obviously, there must have been some sort of malware installed. Nonetheless, my knowledge of all of this is rudimentary, thus me writing in this forum. What I don't want is the National Security Agency getting better access to my information through IE (obviously from Microsoft) which James Bamford said was perhaps in cahoots with the NSA and a "private" firm based out of Israel!

Please help.

$$$We need to build political strength and political will.$$$

We need to build political strength and political will.

here it goes again

well, well, I shouldn't be too surprised - the internet explorer patch was just that, a patch, a temporary patch. After dl'ing the patch, everything was fine, but my worst fears have been confirmed. A day later and firefox will again not play any sound or video. Argh, why me!? I'm not a techno geek, I don't have time running around the interweb trying to find a solution to this exasperating problem.

%%%%We need to build political strength and political will.

We need to build political strength and political will.

PM me and I'll help you. If

PM me and I'll help you.

If the problem is just in Firefox then I bet you have problems with the flash plugin. My first suggestion would be to uninstall and reinstall the flash plugin for mozilla. You can download it from here:

By the way.. a virus wouldn't create the problem you are experiencing. And even if it did, malware authors don't share their stolen info from the NSA. The NSA uses Comcast, Verizon and AT&T to get access to what you are doing. But thanks for the laugh anyway. I needed a smile to brighten my day.

On and off

All I can say is that sound and video is working for now, and it might have to do with a plugin. Damn you NSA and your illegal surveillance (although, I recognize that they might have nothing to do with all this bullcrap).

^%^%^%We need to build political strength and political will%^%^%^%

We need to build political strength and political will.

the NSA

does not need access to your browser or PC to monitor your browsing habits. They have equipment in all the major ISP's.

If your having troubles with FF just install the IE patch or install a different browser like Chrome.

i VE HEARD THAT ...RECENTLY they added monitoring

equipment.. at major ISPs..

do you have a link? or do you know how to find out if your ISP has equipment like that...??

i read

about a tech who witnessed the process od adding a "special equipment" room somewhere. I believe it was ATT or someone. But really it's not hard to fathom.

Where I have worked both salaried and consulting we put passive monitors at the gateways monitoring, email, web browsing, chat, etc. It's quite simple.

Think of the internet like streams, rivers, and oceans or plumbing. All you do is place passive devices at the major intersections or gateways and watch. Gather it up in a database for further analysis.

I put some links above heres another.



IE patch worked

It seems the patch has worked . . . for now. Thanks. Didn't want to start downloading other browsers when that involved a) too much work, and b)not finding a fix, which would have bugged me.

$$$We need to build political strength and political will.&&&&&&&

We need to build political strength and political will.

Good Job


Good lookin out... thanks!

"Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're absolutely right!"

"Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're absolutely right!"

The only thing I use IE for...

Is downloading firefox for the first time on a new computer setup. : ) I used it another time to re-download when firefox 3 came out and I didn't like it. Had to uninstall 3, Un- install 2 then re-download 2 and install (I loaded 2 over the top of three to try to change it back, and this is almost always a no-no). I also use it when going to microsofts website to download fixes, updates or patches because that snot-nosed brat gates makes you use his crappy little browser to do so. But those are the only times I use it and I tell all my friends or people that say they are having spyware problems to stop using it as well.


i'm downloading firefox now- 2 hours tho?



Depends on your internet

Depends on your internet connection speed. It's only 7 megs...takes well under a minute to download on my cable internet connection (I think it's a 6mbps connection)

Have you been to your internet router site

tell ya what speed if you're not sure.
Connection Rate (Down/Up): 5050 Kbits/sec by 765 Kbits/sec
Connection Status In Packets
Out Packets 21146738


i have broadband- please help!!

ok- so i restarted my computer and it took less than 2 minutes to download and then the plug ins and voila!! i have firefox and it is cool cause the print is larger-oops, just aged myself huh lol. thanks for the post!



LOL Better big than small! Mine got all screwed up on this site

and I'm not sure how to fix it. Right now, the words are smaller than I can write on a piece of paper -- and believe me when I say I can write small! Readable but not fun reading!

New math!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Try pressing ctrl+D

If that doesn't work,
try pressing ctrl+(the plus sign on the keyboard) ctrl and +

In the FireFox View menu, mouse over "Zoom" and look at the little pop-up menu for more options...

Hope this helps

AWESOME!! I am learning SO much from this thread!

Found out that ctrl+D is meant for bookmarking a page and ctrl + zooms me in so I can read! Tres bien LoveandLight! :-) I can see again!

New math!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Part of my reply further down:

I am curious if any PC users have used the xB Browser. I heard Michael Badnarik interview the founder and it sounds very promising. Badnarik is actually part of the security team.

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I've never used it, but it

I've never used it, but it uses the Tor network, which isn't something you want to be doing your banking or personal email through. Now, if xerobank has their browser running through Tor to get to their xerobank servers in an SSL encrypted connection, and then to your bank's website or your email or DP account, then it comes down to how much you trust xerobank...otherwise if your data is just going straight out of a Tor exit node to your email provider, and whoever owns the exit node (could be anyone...you can download and install Tor and run your exit node in about 10 minutes, and traffic will start going through your computer to various websites) could log and analyze the traffic and get usernames and passwords, etc, if you're not in an SSL session and they didn't MITM attack you with a fake SSL certificate (a fake certificate should give you an error, though)

But I don't know enough of the details of their implementation to say whether it's worth using or not.

I personally just use Firefox with Tor, never doing anything except browsing and research on Tor, because there are likely malicious exit nodes (private and government owned) on the network that will sniff your traffic for personal information and account information, which then defeats the purpose of any privacy (unless it's just a junk throw away account you created while using Tor for possibly a one-time use). I always clear my browsers private data (ctrl+shift+delete), so there aren't any cookies from google or wherever tracking my browsing habits (I do realize that it can still be done by IP, but they can't necessarily pin it down to a specific user, just a general geographic location, or a specific physical address if the ISP gives any information...scroogle is an option if someone wants to avoid google tracking you...google is a member of the CFR, according to wikipedia). I also use adblock plus, which prevents the opening of pesky ads (which might occasionally be malicioius)...I disable it for certain sites, such as DP, though, to help support them.

Well you lost me about three words into your reply LOL

But if you can find the time to listen to the interview Michael Badnarik did with the company head and report back here with your impressions, I'm sure a lot of people (myself included) would be VERY interested in your opinions.

http://www.pyrabang.com - the Patriot newsfeed machine that will take a huge bite out of Google's ad profits and put them in your pocket!

I use "Ixquick" search which is a lot like Scroogle ...

It protects your privacy, too and is another alternative to Google Search: http://www.ixquick.com/

Can any of you help me? I

Can any of you help me? I installed firefox and when I go to download the flash plug-in so I can view videos I am told I need to free up 5,000kb of disk space...I have 40.1Gb of space available. What is the problem??