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The Domestic Crusaders

Wajahat Ali is Pakistani Muslim American who is neither a terrorist nor a saint. He is a playwright, essayist, humorist, and Attorney at Law, whose work, “The Domestic Crusaders” is the first major play about Muslim Americans living in a post 9-11 America.

He has also interviewed Dr. Paul:

The play focuses on a day in the life of a modern Muslim Pakistani-American family of six eclectic, unique members, who convene at the family house to celebrate the twenty-first birthday of the youngest child.

With a background of 9-11 and the scapegoating of Muslim Americans, the tensions and sparks fly among the three generations, culminating in an intense family battle as each "crusader" struggles to assert and impose their respective voices and opinions, while still attempting to maintain and understand that unifying thread that makes them part of the same family.

Wajahat Ali has the chance to have his play run in NYC on September 11, 2009, but needs to meet a fundraising deadline of 12/31/08 in order for this to happen.

Please consider supporting this play with a donation today:

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Good cause

short of cash. Good luck bump.

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