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The Darkness And The Power

The purpose of the auto bailout is to help the auto industry strong-arm the unions into giving up any job security or gains.
Bankruptcy would allow them to wipe out earned pensions and healthcare.

The Dictator announced his relief-package for the Big Three yesterday: The media is calling it "a Christmas-gift." This is a LOAN-agreement: Gift's do not come wrapped in razor wire. This too-little-too-late proposal is meant to bring an end to the problem of having to pay anyone, for whatever they do on-the-job in the United States.

This is the last link in the chain that will complete the Total Redistribution of Wealth in American society. And too many still, will not connect the dots.

The problem that organized labor created for the corporatocracy has been a thorn in the side of 'business,' since the days of the New Deal. Now its payback time and anyone that looks can almost see the saliva dripping from this 'proposal' that is in reality, an ultimatum. Some of the details behind the headlines surfaced yesterday in a report from Greg Shotwell, a union activist that spent thirty-years working for GM.

"The danger of this that I see is that, you know, in the '90s, when the auto companies were making billions of dollars, they were taking profits out of North America and investing them overseas in Europe, South America and Asia. So there's been a huge transfer of assets overseas. Now, those assets would remain protected in bankruptcy. So what, in effect, they've done is undermined the manufacturing base in the United States so that they could become a major importer to the United States. You see, they already have fuel-efficient-small fuel-efficient cars that they're making in Europe and in Asia and in South America. They're ready for import. And they would like to be like Toyota. Yes, Toyota has plants in the United States, but Toyota imports about 46 percent of all the cars it sells in the United States. That's what General Motors is setting itself up to do, and they're going to use this capitalist disaster to help them wipe out the dealerships and close the plants.

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I suggest you step back an look at it this way

"Their" goal is to make everyone dependent on the government. No need for military rule if you rely on your food and shelter from the government...yes?

If you study "government dependence" over the last 90 years you will see that IS their goal. We have gone from a small federal government that had to beg for the money to build a couple of navy ships to 38% of the total economy. This isn't some odd occurrence...it is planned.

The auto industry hasn't been able to improve gas mileage for a small car since my 1972 Chevy vega. I have to assume they never PLANNED to improve the mpg of the car. 37 years is a long time...right?

The government "saved" the automakers. It was theatre. It was a show..
They followed the script to a T. "Fly to the senate hearings in private jets and we'll get mad at you..." etc.

And the media plays on everyone's emotions over and over again.

The auto makers are now owned by the government.
The banks are now owned by the government.

Thinking that the above two events just came out of the blue this fall is wrong.

They were planned and executed to serve the goals of those in charge.

The politicians belong to them
The currency belongs to them
Industry now belongs to them

The media that reports on all of the above belongs to them.

It is not about unions
it is not about other car makers

It is about the script they are following and Ford becoming a subsidiary of the US government is just another step.

Your union employees are...voila! Government employees. They are now dependent on the US government for their jobs.

Mission accomplished.

Tell everyone the truth...it is being done in broad daylight.

Shut off the damn TV. It is how they control you.


Canada comes to the party as well, for the plants in Canada


Canada joins US in auto bailout

Canada will follow the United States by providing billions of dollars in emergency loans to two US car manufacturers with operations in Ontario.

The Canadian package was announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty.

The two governments have pledged $US3.3 billion in emergency loans to support General Motors and Chrysler's Canadian operations.

Both GM and Chrysler have said they could face bankruptcy if they do not receive help.

Mr Harper says the bailout is not a blank cheque and comes with conditions, including limiting how much senior executives are paid, paying money owed to parts suppliers in Canada and providing weekly reports on company finances.

In addition, Mr Harper says auto parts suppliers will get accounts receivable insurance and consumers will get better access to credit.

The bailout money will be paid out in instalments over the next two months, with the first payment at the end of the year.

The auto bailout is another bailout of Wall Street.

That's how it looks from my desk.


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