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Patriot against the New World Order at thier place of worship, Georgia Guidestones

DISCLOSURE: I made this short clip with my camera and my time and my money and gas filming a patriot that wants to be nameless of Martinez, Ga with his verbal permission. He knew I was filming and wanted me to film and edit this video him, and was completely ok with filming him! So, Youtube next time this nameless man writes to you and says I have a copywrite infringment, dont believe him, this was made with my camera with his knowledge and consent, please ask me first youtube! Nameless from Freedom Fighter Radio, appeared at the Georgia guidestones, sending a riveting message to the global elite, giving them their final warning. If they do not repeal their heinous acts and restore our rights we will rise up in a way that they will never forget. We will overthrow every high ranking position and replace their seats with patriots while we try the elite for treason. More from nameless man: The man in the striped sweater is long time activist nameless man he craves attention.

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People blow the Guidestones

People blow the Guidestones WAAAY out of proportion. . .the fact that it was funded by an occultist and/or occult group should be a giveaway that the intention was not malicious, but alas the good old half-researched fundamentalism kicks into overdrive whenever it encounters something it doesn't understand and so jumps to many invalid conclusions and so now you have a situation where something that could potentially be a beneficial, yet small, influence on the planet is turned into "Illuminati Worship Grounds Area 1" and really, people believe it.

If you really read those "suggestions" for mankind, they aren't that bad and certainly MUCH better than the fucked-up-and-not-working mass culture we have now. What's wrong with keeping the population low? I personally disagree with the number but really, it's something that HAS to be done to some degree or another between now and the next one or two generations- TOPS. It's been shown in many places that without drastic changes in our way of living, this planet cannot sustain us much longer. We're like a meth-head whose about to run out of gack and crash real hard, with no heroin to come down! Replace meth with government dependency and heroin with oil and, voila! Recipe for bad shit coming soon to a town near you. Not to be a fear monger, because that's anti-successful and obviously too much of it already goes around when people are getting their shit in a bunch over the fucking Georgia Guidstones! Really. I agree with Stan Grof, Paul Ray, and others that our mono-cultural consumer society is certainly just going through a very adolescent like phase- high highs and low lows, awkward, hopeful, dreadful, all of that. We really need to become discerning about everything, most especially the things we choose to believe in that we haven't verified specifically with our own eyes. Knowledge is to be lived above all else, not simply philosophized about. Take heart in this, it'll keep you from seeing boogeymen around every corner.

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what are you smoking?