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Impeachment Update/Actual building being erected...


This is from the NE Impeachment Coalition:

Coming soon. In a real building.
This is a work-in-progress, an enormous statement for history about this unprecedented time for the United States. Everyone's input is welcome - there are so many heroes, so many villains, so many stories.

The Iraq War Truth Room
The Constitution Room
The Accountability Room Where Each Congressman Stood

Tell your Congressmember that his/her name IS going down in history as either
a supporter of The Bush Administration, the unitary executive against the Rule of Law or
a supporter of Impeachment, the Constitution and checks and balances
No "Ifs, and or buts" on this. They need NOW to choose which side of the wall their name will go. The count down has begun, 31 days to decide.

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awesome! keep us posted.


wow this is a great development

please keep us to date and thanks for posting

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