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An alternative to Youtube!

Heya Daily Paulers!

Hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know of another video sharing site that you might find useful. It is called live video and I think you might enjoy it. Go have a look.

The site offers you a blog, a place to share photos, you can go live with your show while a live chat for you channel is provided. It offers private IMs as well as a channel for your videos.

It is pretty cool and you can customize it. You can also create a music section. Go have a look.


If you like it, spread the word.

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for Liberty*)))


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It's great to have another outlet!

I hope this catches on, that is, if it isn't going to be censored. Do you have any knowledge about that??


to be truthful, I just came across the site recently. But from what I see so far, it looks pretty darn good. Just look at all the options a person has with live video comapraed to Youtube. Can't even begin to compare the two. Give it a whirl and see if you like it. I got an account yesterday and it looks like more people are joining. Can't hurt to give it an opportunity. Pass the word around and good luck!