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So let me get this straight,We have yet to do anything other then playing graba$$???

As a group we have not done much in the way of anything since primaries.
No boycotts,no sit ins,no new recruits,nothing but some idle threats about how we are going to do something after we get off the internet.
As for me I am in the woods of Alaska under some deepcover still trying to pay off the credit card balance from maxing out in the primaries on our guy.I refuse to work since in found the movement. I just cant move forward till freedom is restored,so money is a big problem,along with the top 2 organizers went crazy 1st degree murder and a pot bust.
We are in bad shape up here ! The oil deflation is compounding the problems.I am not here to talk junk,I just know there are some very smart people floating around here !!! We can do it ,I am sure but the ideas better start flowing it is getting late! I look at this whole deal and I am amazed that I care about the CONSTITUTION and PERSONAL LIBERTIES for the past 2 years, I will surrender my life before I surrender my freedom ,showing there is hope for the masses maybe ???
If a idiot/drop out from NJ gets it(me), the new world order is in trouble!
If we are to be colonial guerillias as RP said we must cover all bases as the nwo does. Specialists in each state and or county become as crazy intense as they are with Agenda 21,
codex al.,real id,gmo ,dept of ed/energy/agriculture,
home sec,mil ind com.,fda ,drug war we must really organize eventually??? rank and file should not wait for a new msm Ron Paul video to take action.If we don't like being in bondage then we must lift ourselves out of it ,not a senior citizen/statesman/hero no matter how amazing. RP cant do it with us watching waiting on his next words.alot of we are change and others are out there where are the daily Paulers @? Let no one say "we sat by and watched",
When the world says "Oh how far the giant has fallen!"

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Is tearing it up
Alameda county.
LA gop?
McClintock.(well he's Ron Paul esc.)