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The writer too freely concedes that Obama was born in the United States. I don't accept that. If he were born in the United States, why would he spend over $500,000 in legal fees to keep his birth certificate hidden?
The writer also places undue faith in the honesty of the courts. A few months ago, I wouldn't have believed that a majority of the members of Congress could be openly bribed and threatened into embezzling trillions of dollars from American taxpayers, but it has happened. I see no reason to place that much faith in judges who have been appointed by the same crime syndicate that was responsible for the $multi-trillion embezzlement.
I'm not saying that the court suits should be abandoned, but I'm not placing much confidence in them either. I expect the crisis to get much worse before it's resolved.
Martin Luther had a phrase to describe the sinful nature of man (in English:) "Curved in on itself." That's what I see in the conspiracy arrayed against us. Luther saw it as self-centeredness, which it is, but I see the diagram also as a vortex or black hole that destroys as it sucks in whatever comes within its gravitational pull.
Why does Paulson so freely respond to the "needs" of his banker friends and ignore the needs of 300 million Americans? Because the system of which he is a part is curved in on itself; 300 million Americans are far from the center of that vortex; the CFR is nearer the center.
Why did Obama find it hard to believe that Joe the Plumber was expressing his sincere views rather than acting as one "put up to it" by the Republican Party? Because the Republican Party is closer to the center of that vortex, and Joe the Plumber is far from it. Reality is interpreted by how close the speaker is to the center of the vortex--the center of a power system that is curved in on itself and sees all opposition as "on the fringes."
That's only two examples I see in the system that's curved in on itself. I see many others. I'll save the Big Bang Theory for another discussion.


Bridgette: Oh People, There appears to be no understanding what this issue really is. This was an issue of Obama's eligibility way before the election. It isn't a racial problem, it isn't a Republican or Democrat issue. This is a consitutional issue.

To call people nut jobs and all the other names inmature and shows your own lack of information. I understand that it has probably been a long time since you learned what the eligibility criteria was for the President of the US. There are 3 requirements...just 3. The issue that is of concern is if Obama is a "natural born" citizen. That is the most important requirement. The President and VP must be natural born citizens under the Constitution. There is no other job in the US that has this requirement.

The term "natural born citizen" refers to a status you must attain at the time you are "born". If you aren't a natural born citizen at birth, you'll never be one.

Obama has on his web site, that he was born in Hawaii, his mother was an American citizen, and his father was from Kenya (British subject). Natural Born citizen requires that he be born on US soil. He was. Unfortunately, his lineage follows his father's. So Obama really had duel citizenship. His citizenship would come under the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment confers the status of "Citizen" not "Natural born citizen."

If citizenship is codified in the Code of Federal Regulations, then a person is NOT a “natural born citizen.” Barack Obama’s citizenship is codified in the Code of Federal Regulations. Therefore, Barack Obama is not a “natural born citizen,” because it came through Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4. If one's citizenship is the result of a LAW, then they are not a Natural Born citizen.

Obama knows the requirement, yet he ran for office anyway. He taught constitutional law. How dare he do this to the American public? I have seen the legal document he signed in AZ stating he was a natural born citizen and that he was qualified under the constitution. He lied. He signed it knowing that it was a lie.

No one has seen his passport, or any other records, they are all hidden. But you see, it still makes no difference. Just from his web site the answers are there.

If he takes the oath of office, he is a usurper. Anything he signs i.e., bills, treaties, laws are illegal.. all null and void. The military doesn't have to do anything he says nor do citizens. Anyone he appoints to office, all their documents are null and void also. They have no power. Because he isn't really the president, he can't be impeached either. So this is the real issue, our Constitution.

Our enemies are watching very closely. It was written about in Russia's newspaper, PRAVDA. This constitutional issue is not being reported correctly in the USA, instead it is totally wrong and misconstrued. Yes, Obama is a citizen, but not a natural born citizen. The only conspiracy is Obama himself. He is pulling the wool over the USA. Below is an article written by a constitutional attorney about the consequences of Obama being in office as a usurper. Do take the time to read it so that you really understand what will happen if he becomes a usurper. The Russian article is more correct than any of the American articles on the subject. They do understand and will take advantage of a usurper in office. He will be a powerless leader. Is that what we want?

By the way, no one else has questioned Obama, not the DNC, not Hillary, NO ONE has verified that he is a natural born citizen. NO ONE. It is up to the Secretaries of State, and they should have verified his eligibility before his name went on the ballot..they didn't. Yet the SOS and electors took an oath to uphold the Constitution before they send their electoral votes to the Electoral College.

There are 19 lawsuits in 12 states, 3 pending in the US Supreme Ct.and more making their way through the state court systems. All for the same purpose. Also, there is another case in the Supreme Ct. on the docket for tomorrow, it is up for discussion. So no, it isn't over yet. And the other cases weren't thrown out for lack of merit, they were for no standing..which sends them up to another court. There are two petitions and over 250,000 people signed them. Then after signing, letters were sent to their Senators and Representatives.

He thinks we are stupid, and everyone has joined his bandwagon saying we're right wing nut jobs etc., because they don't know the definition of natural born...and that there are 3 categories of citizens: Natural born; Naturalized; and just plain citizen. (By the way, McCain wasn't eligible either as he got his citizenship through a law). These suits were started way before the election, so that this wouldn't happen. Obama has thumbed his nose at the US Constitution, and expects the citizens to do it too. The Constitution is the law of the land. If McCain had won, the same thing would be happening.

I am sane, smart, and I do know the consequences of having Obama in office as a usurper. Now you do too. Does this sound like a ridiculous claim now?
It doesn't allow links, so hope you can figure these out.
December 11, 9:44 PM

Obama, you are not the President until you provide

irrefutable evidence that you Constitutionally qualify.