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What Titanic & The Fed Have In Common?

"...There is a hole in the bow (see image ) that many would like to believe to have been caused by a coal explosion, and helped Titanic sink. If I had a bigger image to show you, you would see that the hole is way too high above the waterline for it to have helped sink Titanic. A more realistic story would be that the hole was caused by the immense stress caused on the hull while it was tilted at an unusual angle. Or perhaps it was caused when the bow plowed into the mud on the sea floor..."

Source in detail http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/8912/sunktit1.jpg

Big time thank You to Mr. Doug Yurchey

Visit this link to see it in more detials.

PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™ : the singular integral solution to 1) inflation and deflation, 2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and 3) inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to a circulation.

Read the proof - the evidence establishing the truth & validity of the Mathematically Perfected Economy, conclusively demonstrating as the only solution to the almost 100 years of age unjust financial system imposed on American People to take unfair advantage for gain, playful-war-games & unfairly inequitable profits - here:


Belgian Banking giant topples Belgian Government.

Best of all in new - better
- we all hope, dream & aspire - year 2009

The Fed - a money-lender.
The Fed serves US in the present tense;
The Fed lends US in the conditional mood;
The keeps US in the subjunctive mood; & ruins US in the future!

Best of all in new - better
- we all hope, dream & aspire - year 2009

The Fed's centennial anniversary is coming up -
on this Christmas eve of 2008 we are only 5 years away.

Let's celebrate it by outlawing its services out of federal law existence for betterment of America & the world too.

The Fed was born &/or enacted into federal law -
by the Act of vacant for Christmas break Congress
in December 23, 1913

Best of all in new - better
- we all hope, dream & aspire - year 2009

P.S. Thx, Great job Mike at DailPaul Forum

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Too big to fail?

The Freedom Formula: Au + Ag + Cu + Pb

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West of 89
a novel of another america

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P.S. Mathematically Perfected Economy is not a dogma or superstition it is a wellspring from which your Mr IamVoting4RonPaul, your family & your friends & all people prosperity could & /or will originate. We have a political problem at hand not economic one. Then know it by now.

P.S. If our fiat monetary system would be sustainable We the People would not have to bailout present monetary system which is unsustainable exemplified by boom-bust business cycles.

Q:Why we can't teach an old dog new tricks?
A:Because we don't want to take time to do it:)
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How about this for the history of the Titanic?


A segment:

"How do we know that the Jesuits control the Federal Reserve Bank? Because the Federal Reserve Bank was used to finance the second “Thirty Years War”—from 1914 to 1945—in which everything that transpired fell out for the benefit of the Vatican, everything.

Then, of course, when we discover that the most powerful man in Ireland, the Jesuit Provincial Francis M. Browne, was on the Titanic taking pictures of all those who would be going down. And then, right before it departs Queenstown, Ireland, to set out for the North Sea, “the lucky priest departed off the ship” in the words of Martin Sheen, who narrated Secrets Of The Titanic.

It was more than luck; it was planned that way. Martin Sheen has been to the Jesuit Novitiate at St. Jacques, in Warnersville, Pennsylvania. Martin Sheen is a bosom buddy of the Jesuits.

The men who went down were wealthy Jews who were resisting the establishment of a centralized bank in America, particularly John Jacob Astor, who was a personal friend of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. And Brandeis greatly resisted the establishment of the central bank.

Martin: Astor, Guggenheim, and Straus were three Jewish men who went down with the Titanic. Why do you focus so much of your attention on Astor?

Phelps: Astor was the wealthiest Jew in the world, some say the wealthiest man in the world. But he was, most definitely, the wealthiest Jew. He did not have more money than the Pope. But he was the wealthiest man in the world and he was using his wealth NOT in accord with the Jesuit Order.

Now, later, his son, John Jacob Astor IV, became part of the money trust, which can be found on the Internet; and so the Jesuits had access, now, to the Astor fortune. They control it now. But, at that time, they got rid of Astor because they wanted his fortune, and they wanted to end his resistance to the establishment of a national bank. And they do this pursuant to The Secret Instructions, that they will take the fortunes of widows and other people who resist them."

Many fundamentalists believe the "AntiChrist" will be the last pope.
According to the third prophecy of the miracle of our lady of Fatima, the last pope will be call "The Black Pope," or "Peter the Roman". By the way, "The Black Pope" is a title already afforded the leader of the Jesuit Order."


Well, what can I say. My hope is to just survive 2009.

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Mr Quiltingsando

"Knowledge will set You Free." has been stated before.
Keep on learning what ever makes You happy.
We all have build in self-surviving-sustaining mechanisms within,
but first of all we must know that we do so.

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mms, economist, entrepreneur, proprietor;
abolish interests on debt policy.
what is mathematically perfected economy™?