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Cheney Refines the Argument

The original argument:

Cheney served under Tricky Dick, and has had 35 years to ponder the original argument, which didn't go over too well. The new and improved argument: When the president does it during wartime, that means it is not illegal.

Thus the need for the forever war. Video below. Thanks to sentinel.

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Cheney admits to more than

Cheney admits to more than just torture in this clip:



Oh, for godsake, cuff him!

Is that so hard? I'm sure he can't run very fast.


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He's had thirty years to become the biggest sack of crap

that ever held office in the whitehouse. When can we find some decency ?

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Parataxic distortion


Don't think that they can't.. Suckers are gullible and a lie told enough times can become truth to most if they hold that source of info as truth.

We all know the keywords they use for people uncovering that fallacy on the msm. (Conspiracy theorist, Looney, etc..)

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