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Future of the DP Part 1: What is the Purpose of the Daily Paul?

When I started the Daily Paul back in January of 2007, my purpose for the site was singular: To help spread the word about Ron Paul and to help get him elected President of the United States. That original purpose has run its course and is no longer valid; Ron Paul did not win. Since then, the site has been drifting, somewhat aimlessly. Now it seems that hardly a week goes by without someone stating in a forum thread why they have to move on. The forum topics are filled with items that are only tangentially related to Ron Paul or the Liberty movement, if at all. Our shared purpose and mission is gone.

I have been at this for nearly two years now, and it is no small commitment of my time and energy, but for what end?

Which brings me to the topic of this thread: Now that the election is over, what is the purpose of the Daily Paul? Has it run its course? What do you think?

I welcome your feedback, as your replies will help determine what happens to the site in the future.

Thank you all.

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old thought

I apologize for being late to enter this thread.

Ron Paul for president: Though it is true that RP was surprised at how well he did and surely something has been accomplished/started, I still have to say that my suspicions were validated that realistically there are too few of us to accomplish much of anything substantial (especially at the national level and by voting) at the present time. Thus, while it was a good rallying point, we must either view the campaign as fundamentally misguided or about something other than electing Ron Paul president.

I prefer the latter point of view, and from that point of view our shared mission and/or purpose should not be gone. Nevertheless, even fewer of us may know what that purpose/mission might be; maybe none of us. It is my belief that there is still the potential to do something useful and lasting for our children and grandchildren concerning defeating tyranny and securing freedom. I believe, furthermore, that some new ingredient is necessary. The ideas of the founders were a good start, but they are not enough. And we haven't yet seen what we need.

I would encourage you, Michael, and others to hang on for the moment. Continue to think, and think hard, about what can be done. But perhaps think in these terms:

Ron Paul for president 2008, 2010, 2012 and beyond.
It is not about the man.
It is not about the office.
It is about the message.

Increasing our numbers is not the total answer, but it is necessary.
Strengthening our base of understanding is not the total answer, but it is necessary.

The message(s):
1. Freedom can play a central role in a society.
2. Freedom requires constant diligence, defense, and maintenance.
3. Defense and maintenance must be provided by a responsible populace.

I think the progress we have made is mostly in regard to the first point. And we need to get more people on board with that. One might think that all the Republicans might be more receptive after their stunning defeat in the elections. Some that I know have at least toned down the rhetoric. Maybe they will start listening. (More and more of those I spoke to a year ago are now saying that they wish they had known more about RP during the primaries.)

My impression is that we really have a very small minority who really appreciate the second point, even here on the Daily Paul, and in principle this may be a forum in which to pursue an increased appreciation of responsible behavior and determine viable directions for defense, restoration, resistance, etc.; there are some possibly viable projects that have been suggested.

The third point is, I believe, either fundamentally in error or at least unworkable. This is the area in which something fundamentally new must be contributed. The majority of the populace needs to have a kind of Declaration of Dependence which honestly lays out what can and should be done to maintain a society in which freedom plays a role by those who have not cultivated the kind of independence and responsibility necessary for its maintenance under the current system. The crucial addition to the vision of the founders (and RP) must also provide a framework in which the dependent and irresponsible can safely move in the direction of independence and responsibility in a manner acceptable to all. Of course such a declaration will have to be both acceptable and believable to the majority of the populace, and they will probably have to be in a position in which they have limited choices for such a declaration and its consequences to become palatable. Fortunately, current circumstances are rapidly moving in the direction of eliminating choices and the remaining illusion of freedom. This is fortunate because it affords us an opportunity. We need to be ready, however, to take advantage of that opportunity instead of just being bulldozed by other (anti-freedom) interests.

Nice Post

I'd like to see more discussion of substantive suggestions.

We all have our own individual purpose.

For me, it is to expose the government in all that it does against the people. That is until it is time to elect Ron Paul again. At the moment, we are waiting for a decision from Ron Paul about whether he will run again. So closing this down does not seem necessary at least until he makes that decision. My purpose of exposing the government does not seem to please some people. If a person uncovers a secret of the government, there are some people who just automatically jump to the opposition. They, for some unknown reason, do not want any undercover operations exposed on their government. Also, some people will not even think about a secret the government is holding unless it is their little pet peeve. If they are not into a transgression for whatever reason, they seem to think it is their duty to ditz it. Basically I think the purpose of this site is to leave it alone and let it go whatever direction it takes, whatever is important to the people who come here. If it takes a bad turn, it will close itself down. It will be a really good place to have available if Dr. Paul decides to run again. Until then, we need to act as if he is running, we need to continue doing exactly what we did when he was actively running. Someone will run in his place and we need to not waste time spreading the word, getting information on tv (Public Access if nothing else), passing out information, etc. We were always a day late and a dollar short during the campaign. We have time now and should be taking advantage of it.

Ron Paul for Texas Governor 2010 !

And he can win it ! Constitutionally, there is more power at the State level.
10th Amendment.

He said he wasn't interested.

Can you change his mind?

If you don't know what your purpose is, it's time to shut down

You can't ask others to give you purpose.

Daily Paul is a Liberty Wiki

There are no religious myths regarding individual liberty. You can believe that God or a Creator or a god or gods or some other supernatural force or confluence of all or some of the above gives us our natural, self-evident, unalienable rights or you can believe that the nondescript force (or non-force) or randomness that manifests you into existence today in the form of you in your present form is the reason for your unalienable rights. Life, liberty, freedom and self-ownership are essentially independent of that discussion. You own your life, liberty and property. It's that simple. A just government is a government that least encroaches upon individual liberty and freedom, while protecting life, liberty and private property.

I've been thinking about this recently and I see Daily Paul as a sort of liberty wiki.

So, to me, the question becomes how does individual liberty manifest itself in its most pure form on the internet? One answer for me is what the Daily Paul has become. I greatly value the Daily Paul in my life because it is a sort of home base of liberty on the internet.

I am reminded of my recent reading of The Law by Bastiat. If you have not read this pamphlet first published in 1850, it is a must read! The Daily Paul in any manifestation would do well to regard such an exceptional expression of libertarianism as a guide-stone.

The Daily Paul is not perfect; nor has it been free from considerable controversy, sometimes often. But in my surmise, Mr. Nystrom has been a fair and just administrator of this site to a high degree, providing such a forum for discussions of individual liberty, truly constitutional, republican government and everything under the sun and the stars affecting both, including an abundance of disagreement, differing opinions, and dissension that is critical to an envisioned functioning republic and to an open, democratic society.

I would hope that the Daily Paul would continue to be such a forum, such a liberty wiki where all are welcomed to contribute to a free and rational discourse on all matters that in manifest ways affect individual human liberty and truly constitutional, republican government and its restoration in the united States.

I was awakened from my former socialist trance because I learned the truth about the events of 11 September 2001, which eventually led me to Ron Paul (because I became over time deeply distrustful of all government). It was originally because of this voluntary association, because someone shared with me some relevant information regarding the events of 11 September 2001, that led me to eventually adopt an ideology of libertarianism very similar to Ron Paul's. Without such a shock to my system I don't know if I would have experienced such an awakening from the starless midnight of collectivism and socialism.

As I have articulated here before (then regarding the events of 11 September 2001), it is time to set aside any and all irrational predisposition to ad hominem and straw-man arguments, red herring and a priori reasoning that merely impede free and rational debate, and focus on any and all matters that in manifest ways affect individual human liberty and truly constitutional, republican government and its restoration in the united States.

The best way to promote individual liberty is through the unfettered practice of individual liberty, self-ownership and responsibility.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained." -Mahatma Gandhi


"...a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." -John F. Kennedy


~Mikael / Peace, love, Light and unity ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

I hear ya there sentinel

I have learned so much here.

I know sometimes things get out of hand as tempers flare, but both sides in the debates/discussions here make me think and I'm sure others that look in also.

Despite our differences, this is one place we can come to be with likeminded people regarding freedom and liberty.

That was our draw to Ron Paul in the first place.

We could use a troll detector though.

I'll go invent one .................

~Mikael / Peace, love, Light and unity ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

heehee....er, on second thought, sentinel...don't do it!

Do you know what kind of debate would ensue just to define that word around here?

It will be madness, I tell ya. Madness.


One man's troll is another man's hero.

I second that

I view the purpose of the site as a place where people can come to further their understanding of liberty, freedom, and economics thru debate and discussion.

It's also a great site to keep abreast of current events.

reposted so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle and

so my voice is heard.

well here's my 2 cents...

On December 28th, 2008 sunny says:

first off michael - a big THANK YOU - really big THANK YOU!
the DP is the best - hands down!

you have provided us all a place to meet, a place to hang out, a place to get news, a place to exchange ideas and a place to be with others who truly love and respect the good doctor paul.

I know that is why I am here. i come every every single day a bunch of times and i really think i would have serious withdrawals and be totally bummed out if this site was not here.

in the town i live in maine we have a co-op. it is the oldest and largest co-op in the state. but like the 'DP' it's so much more than buying
organic food, wines, bulk etc...it's a community where people connect and hang out. local artists display their art work. local farms and dairies provide their goods. there is a deli and a kitchen and a cafe. you can eat, hang out with friends, play cards etc. you get the idea! here's the site: http://www.belfast.coop

out front are the bulletin boards to post stuff - for sale or rent, events, local music, workshops etc. it's a resource and invaluable to the community. it's the hub of OUR community

my point being - if the co-op disappeared the town would be lost. and that's how i feel about the 'DP'. what would become of us all? we ARE a community. we are friends. we come here for lots of reasons.

we have a terrific virtual community here where all of come for info, debate, connecting with like minds (and some not so like, lol) and just a place for fellowship, chit chat to learn and have some fun and even develop friendships beyond here.

i'm glad that you posted the topic for this thread and so many of us hopped on board with feedback for you. you deserve that and so much more for providing this for us.

so i for one do NOT want to see the 'DP' go away. sure the doc didn't win, we all know that but for me that is NOT a reason to wonder about the future here. our country is on the brink, about to slip into the abyss and we need to stick together.

the 'DP' provides us all with a means to stay together. so michael,
whatever you need from us WE are here for you . i know i am.

god bless you michael for doing what you do!


Ron Paul is My President

The Daily Paul is great

Don't end the DP. In my opinion, most of the reasons given for doing so are insufficient. Of course, I can't quantify the time and money and effort the site requires of you, but I do think it's a very valuable service with great potential.

About a year ago, during the height of the Paul campaign, I was conversing with a friend of mine about the enormous difficulty of overcoming the pernicious bias of the MSM. The conclusion at which we arrived was that for the continuation and expansion of the liberty movement, only an education and information-oriented, alternative medium would suffice. Not that this is a revelation or anything, but my point is that DP presents exactly this.

You've already got the perfect seed for an alternative liberty medium! In my opinion, it just needs a little guidance to begin maximizing its potential. Specifically, I think you should more prominently feature for relevant news and a few, featured blogs.

The purpose for which we tried to elect Dr. Paul is still valid, and ever more pressing. Necessarily, however, an educational revolution will have to precede the political one. To that end, I think the DP is perfectly suited.

I would be happy to help you keep it going if I can, though I recognize that its unlikely that I can do so.

What next?

What has Dr. Paul been doing for the past 30 years or so? Hasn't his mission been to enlighten, awaken, and educate Americans? Hasn't he been a shining example of consistency, integrity, faithfulness, and tireless persistency? His voice went virtually unheard by me until the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Now, I'm absorbing everything that I can about economics, history, politics, and money/currency. I come from the "hippie" generation, but I was never part of any "movement". I suspect there are many like me.

One of the points I am trying to make here is, there are more than 300 million Americans and we are not all going to learn at the same pace. We are not going to discover the light or be moved into action in the same way or time. Some people may only today be discovering that our freedoms are being eroded! Others...tomorrow. How will they hear?

So, isn't there a place for a website such as the Daily Paul? Yes, I think so! Sure, some feel they must "move on" in order to accomplish their goals. They don't think they need to "waste their time" with people who are not at the same activist stage as they are. But, I disagree. All are needed. No one knows when someone may be stirred by the information that is shared on the DP and how that stirring will be cultivated. I think you should allow for the passage of time to continue so that current RP 'followers' as well as future ones will have a forum to share and to learn.

I would like to suggest that the DP continue to be a place where “communities of practice” can operate. That means, that people with common goals can focus on those goals and implement them in the manner that they choose. The DP can accommodate many, many, communities of practice. So, continue to offer the forum. Please continue to provide information. And, please continue to write!

Michael, I'd like to thank you for this site.



Words From The Public Mean Nothing To Them

Sorry, but you are right. There is no need for this website. There must be organization on a national level to do something BIG. Like the hippies did it way back when. Massive demonstrations focused on one particular point. Theirs was sex, drugs and rock and roll and focused on the end of the Viet Nam war at which it was successful, along with the effort of the Weathermen. Elimination of the Income Tax would be the highest on my list because it is therefrom that all bad things come. Second would be Ban The Fed. This is a step by step process. But to think that words matter is a mistake. Fear must be struck in their hearts. Everybody who is on this website knows Ron's rap. I've known it since 1978. It hasn't changed much. Politics is out too. Americans are too socialized to make them understand what is happening. There is what Ron calls the remnant. Those who remember the American character of love for Freedom but sadly there are too few.

By Sheldon R. (Shelly) Waxman

1. GRUMBLING—Muttering in Discontent.

2. FOMENTATION—Promotion of the growth or development of.

3. INCITEMENT—Movement to action; stirring on; spurring on; urging on.

4. UPRISING—Implies a brief, limited and often immediately ineffective rebellion.

5. REBELLION—Implies an open formidable resistance that is often unsuccessful.

6. INSURGENCY—The quality or state of being insurgent, specifically: a condition of revolt against a government that is less than an organized revolution and that is not recognized as belligerency.

7. REVOLT—To renounce allegiance or subjection (as to a government).

8. BELLIGERANCY—The state of being at war or in conflict.

9. REVOLUTION—Applies to a successful rebellion resulting in a major change (as to government)

Sheldon Waxman

I recently posted the

I recently posted the Continential Congress 2009 that calls for delegates to represent their states in a unity of patriots to DEFEND and RESTORE our CONSTITUTION. Is this not what we are here to do?
Important topics are by-passed, ignored. No action or unity holds anyone's attention. There seems to be little interest in taking the action necessary to bring about the effect I am committed to. Am I alone in this thinking here? I am not interested in being the "voice of reason" or shaking up comfort zones. That's why my input has been limited.

Look, Michael, this is your site, you guide it, directing the values and results. If you want a chat-room or local bar mentality, that's your call. I respect it. There is a place for patriotic chat-rooms and arm-chair philosophers who get their frustrations aired. It's just not for me. I believe there is a higher calling to the true patriot in this Revolution. I am joining up with those productive patriots who exchange pertinent news while advancing our numbers towards unity. The call for the Continental Congress is a call for unity. If you guys aren't interested in this, what will it take?

Michael, if I were the enemy, I would form such a site to occupy the time of those who oppose me and distract them via far-out topics, flooding out the important topics with "bumps" and personal chats. What threat can there be from people who prefer the sensational to the logical, practical and necessary support of unity in our cause? I believe this is not your intention. So what are you going to do? Direct this site to productive advancement of our cause or let it "chat" away the time until we have no option? I've been following your site for a long time. My continued visits have seen the topic and comment quality drop to low levels of exchange. The few well-thought out proposals calling for unity are ignored and I don't see them around anymore. Maybe you should consider a section only for those committed to organizing. If the web should suddenly shut down, what have you promoted to ensure patriot contact?

The support (or lack of it) given to the Continental Congress 2009 will be the deciding factor for me as to whether this site is for me. We The People have drawn the line in the sand and I for one intend to support the patriots who are stepping forward. How about you?

The link to the Continental Congress 2009 is:


How come when I clicked on the link it said it doesn't exist?

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

The election process is

The election process is finally over, but the movement continues. The movement toward freedom/liberty, not away from it. It is like swimming against the prevailing current and that's why I appreciate this site. It's one of the few places to get some validation regarding the choice to swim against the current.

The revolution, the movement, is universal and personal at the same time. Many people are currently experiencing upheaval in their personal and/or professional lives, which I beleive to be an inevitable consequence of living on earth at this time. The personal upheavals are a manifestation of the universal vibe, and vice versa. If people are looking for a mission or goal now that the election is over, they should look within. Everything begins within, and moves out from there.

As far as the topics on this site, I believe that the economic/financial topics are the most important right now. Economic and financial weapons are currently being used all over the world in an attempt to subdue and eventually eliminate freedom, liberty and individualism. I have come to understand that the overwhelming majority of the US population have no idea how or why money works (or doesn't work). I have stopped talking to people about Ron Paul, I try to talk to them about sound money instead.

On some threads here at DP we witness varying degrees of rude and disrespectful behavior, which I believe is a reflection of the culture in this country at-large. A community does not have to stand for rude and disrespectful behavior. It has been my experience that the name calling, egomania and other childish behavior observed on this forum are perpetrated by a relatively small number of people. I'm not sure how to effectively address that issue other than beginning with myself. I do not appreciate having moderators who prefer to use broad censorship instead of dealing directly with the rude and disrespectful.

I am grateful for having the Daily Paul to visit. I check in often to get great news and information not readily available in other places, and to read comments from people that I respect and admire. If you feel the need to move on and shut down the DP, that's your decision to make. Again, thanks for creating this place.

A Little Late Now For Me To Speak, Anyway

I have never had a "site" so I wouldn't know all that is involved with one. Mr. Nystrom, how could I not give my 100% freedom for you to do as you wish.


Dear Michael and fellow DP peeps,

affirmation: President Paul 2008

Wow! I go off for a day or two and come back to this wonderful thread. The DP is where I come to every day for news and fellowship. I live in the heart of "obama will save us all and now I can finally sleep at night" land. I love the energy, comraderie and education at the DP.
What beautiful people you all are and, Michael, I know everyone is grateful to you for creating this awesome site. Thank you, thankyou, thank you:)

affirmation: President Paul 2008

Michael, you are a singular hero.

Michael, you are a singular hero. You have coached us to persist, even when times looked bad. You forged a real community from all over the world. YOU did this. You pressed on through exhaustion. You rearranged your priorities. You gave us real hope.

Thanks to DailyPaul.com, I communicated with people from far-flung places like Costa Rica, the Canary Islands and South Africa, in addition to numerous people from around the country, about topics close to my heart.

I hope you will continue to host DailyPaul.com, even if it needs to become simpler and smaller. Perhaps you might consider selecting guest editors for week-long or month-long stints.

If you must direct your efforts elsewhere, we all will understand. Michael, you are a hero to us and we appreciate the sacrifices you have made over the past two years to keep us informed and motivated. I wish you well!

Dear Michael,

I love this site, and thank you for all you have done! I come here at least twice a day to catch up with everything that is going on, and I'll make a post every now and then if I think the topic is relevant to my friends here at the DP. This site really got me involved in the process, and I realized that my voice and opinion really does count, and I am taking that knowledge to sites that our built around rebuilding the Republican party. I make posts at those sites daily to make sure our voice of freedom and the Constitution are always heard...and I thank this site for all the wisdom and courage I have gained in order to speak on behalf of our cause.



I come on here to get my

I come on here to get my daily news. I feel like whenever there's any liberty-minded news, somehow or the other someone from the DP community will post it. I know I post relevant news on here.

I feel much more informed by checking the forum posts a couple times a day.

Do you know someone who cares a lot about the Israeli people? Send them this link that explains why Ron Paul's message is better for Israelis, Americans, and the world. www.AmericansForIsrael.com

I trust DailyPaul for the

I trust DailyPaul for the news.

This website has taught me so much... priceless information and the message needs to be spread.

There are so many educated, smart and awake people here. We definitely have common ground because the principles of freedom unite us.

I check this website daily. DAILY.

When i'm at the gym, i check this website (also C4L) on their terminals and leave the browser open when i leave so that the next person 'stumbles' on it and discovers Ron Paul.

Good luck with your decision.

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Well said RicheyG. It's the

Well said RicheyG. It's the exact same for me.

Do you know someone who cares a lot about the Israeli people? Send them this link that explains why Ron Paul's message is better for Israelis, Americans, and the world. www.AmericansForIsrael.com


i think everyone here has gone thru similar experiences and heartaches of trying to wake people up.

We need each other to encourage and support.

Sean, u know that i know what you mean :-)

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Yeah, we're on the same page

Yeah, we're on the same page ;)

Do you know someone who cares a lot about the Israeli people? Send them this link that explains why Ron Paul's message is better for Israelis, Americans, and the world. www.AmericansForIsrael.com