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AOL: Growing majority worried over Obama's eligibility

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Needs comments.

Thanks for sharing this article, nm

I'm keeping it in my files. We're beginning to wake up others.

Hey Qwerk, LB, & other ROCRs here, gotta question for you

I'm thinking about doing an open call for ROCR's today what do you think?

Seriously Appears Of Becoming A Worthy Subject

For The Multitudes. If he's found to do one thing wrong, people will be jumpin' on him like fleas on a dog! His eligibility or ineligibility will be elevated. Just a thought, not a prediction. A guess.


Hopefully Friday will reveal more.

It is unlikely that he will

It is unlikely that he will be able to do much right. The situation is set up for failure. Only Ron Paul has both the courage and integrity to do the right things in the current situation and, given the chance to do it, the masses would have been enraged. People want a quick, easy fix. They want everything to go back to the way it was and that isn't going to happen. The illusion of the "good old days" might be created briefly, but it will make the crash even harder, hence the "won't be able to do much right". Those looking for handouts will probably be pleased with O in the short term while people like us will be furious. When all the fake money in the world can't hold the illusion together any longer, everyone will be mad at him.

Prediction: I predict they will provoke a calamitous war.

Why? They (the Keynesians) all believe that world war is what got us out of the last depression. They live with the illusion that the production of war goods is what ultimately fixed things. When all else has failed, they will grasp for that straw. I pray that the people of the world will rise up against their so-called leaders before that happens.





I Think His Followers May Be In For A Surprise

He's not who he pretends to be.

Pat---You may be right. The MSM hacks do think war saved the day

It would have to be a BIG one for this mess.



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