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Mirror's Edge Game suprisingly close to a real world scenario


This is how I think the change the NWO wants to happen will happen. There will be massive protests, people will try to sway their elected officials, but in the end all the griping in the world won't save anyone.

The only way to win is to get yourselves and others out of the system and sustainably prepared. And once we've rallied enough people to sustain themselves in insulated economies then the moneychangers will start hurting.

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I've never been part of the

I've never been part of the system. My aunt last night said I was part of the system. That pissed me off and I compared to what we're trying to do to what the Hippies did in the '60s and '70s. Then she kept quiet. My aunt told my dad "you think you're taking on the world". I said "well, we're taking on the bad guys of the world".

If there is indeed a NWO plot,

it involves a great deal of very long-range strategic planning that certainly includes voluminous contingency plans. I don't think such a plot could be defused by setting up alternative economies in the sticks, Further, they have the advantage of design. They will know what step comes next. People simply trying to be left alone will have no counter-plan and will always be in reaction mode. Pretty dismal. Please show me where I err.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.