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The End of America - Film by Naomi Wolf...


I found the film on the net here:
but I can not view it because they only allow american viewers ;(((((.
Can someone put it up for download or something?

Happy New Years!

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It's available in a torrent

It's available in a torrent If you know how to do them, if not Google it and learn. Make sure you use peer guardian.

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I don't think you'd be able to

pull the video off snagfilm's site and put it on Google Video or whatever. Looks like the code was written to prevent that from happening.
Someone would need to buy the DVD and rip it to get it on...


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I think you mean a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Naomi was a very out spoken cheerleader for Obama and that, my friends, should tell you everything you need to know about her:(

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she is a sheep in wolf's clothing! This has been discussed dozens of time on this thread yet her name keeps coming back, like a boomerang with a virus.

She spouts Communist Propaganda under the guise of supporting our Constitution.


Do I need to take the time to explain more?

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I only see the intro too

It does say 75 minutes with commercial breaks, so I would assume it's playable, but apparently the linking to the main film is messed up, or it's a tacky marketing ploy to get people to just go buy the movie, I don't know. I'll order the film soon.

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this is the intro

where is the film?

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The film won't play for me

It's just an endless loop of a 10 min intro by an ACLU spokesperson who calls the Constitution a "living breathing document" which the founders intended to "evolve"...

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bump for a tech savvy person to see

I don't know how to do it myself