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NIST Report on WTC7 debunked and exposed

If the men who work for NIST, have purposefully deceived us, then they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Some people ask, how do we fight back?

We start by prosecuting the ones that are proved to be lying, and work outward from there.
If the NIST report can be proved a lie by using science, then NIST needs to be held accountable.
This 10 min. video is a start...

I personally don't need a NIST report to tell me what happened. Anyone with a shred of common sense, can see that the building was demolished.
Here is a video of an FDNY employee ADMITTING that they were going to "take down" the building.
This, combined with the slip from Larry Silverstein, are just fragments of a much larger puzzle, but damning,none the less.
FDNY Lieutenant Admitted Plan To ‘Take Down’ WTC 7

You cannot have freedom without truth. The truth needs to prevail, so that the Nation can heal. People need to hear the truth so that they can understand how they have been enslaved.
Just saying "Freedom is popular" is not going to cut it...

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The issue I have with this is

people refuse to stay on the point.

I'm sure the NIST made up stories. What? They were going to tell the truth this time?

Why would the NIST present anything that had anything to do with actually happened? I am glad that the guy made the video, but, it is not well presented from the standpoint of scientific debate to the point where it continues to damage the credibility of the truth movement.

The NIST report helps the people in power because it is long, complex and sends the debate off onto a bunch of worthless and impossible tangents. Mission accomplished NIST.

Here is WTC 7 in a nutshell.

You study the six videos. I don't care which floors were on fire. I don't care how many file cabinets the SEC had.

You study the six videos.

The entire "fire debate" is ridiculous. Fires do no make steel framed buildings fall down. They never have and probably never will.

Look at the videos. The building IMPLODED. It dropped into it's own footprint. It dropped in less than 7 seconds. The penthouse on top preceded the collapse and the penthouse was sitting on the central columns which are effing cut first in an implosion.

I don't care about the effing fuel oil and 10,000 pages of jack from the NIST.


Tell everyone to study the videos of the collapse and the bazillion vids of buildings being imploded. I don't care if the truss number 2 got hot. If it really had failed the effing building would have tipped effing over....duh.


Well said....I agree

I do not need a NIST report to tell me what happened. My eyes and my instinct are good enough.
My point was if we could give the NIST guys enough rope to hang themselves,then that could be a start.

Thanks for the input.

"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
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