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The Business Of Bartering

CBS Evening News: The Recession Has Forced Many Cash-Strapped Americans To Resurrect A Depression-Era Tradition

In a down economy, bartering is way up -- 98 percent from a year ago on Craig'sList, the online giant for classified ads. More people are finding something to swap.

To cover those costs, Thomas barters on IMS, a booming nationwide bartering service for businesses. He trades the value of his company's ads, and in return, picks from a menu of goods and services offered by 18,000 bartering companies.

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it would surprise me

if anyone told them they have things buried on their property or had bartered.

Great Educational Tool

Gold backed currency is just one step away
from bartering.

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I belong to Tradebank and do over $2K in trade a month..

I posted this months ago to share but it kept falling.. here's the info:
Another big company is Barter Consultants and I will sign with them this month out of Atlanta. Their site is www.barterconsultants.com
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We need a Patriot to start one of these...

that will not report transactions to the IRS

depression era tradition ..

depression era tradition .. how stupid ... its not a tradition ... its economic law you morons at cbs

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Oh yes

the IRS already taxes bartering. When I got audited that was 1 of the questions they ask you. Also they ask you if you have any safes in your house or safety deposit boxes. Oh yes Mr Taxman let me show you where I put everything

"What is bartering?

and why in the world would I have a safe hidden in my house full of precious metals?"

I'm going to practice saying that with a straight face. LOL.


and why would it have to be in your house? hmmm... i'm just sayin'. :)

Any guesses as to How long

Any guesses as to How long it will take the Government to try and Tax it?

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Shortly after Jan. 20...

And in fulfillment of BIden's words!

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