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Mark Sanford is asking for budget cut ideas, any suggestions?

The governor of S.C. is asking for budget cut ideas. And he actually means to implement them. S.C. is 400 million below what it should be in tax revenue. So instead of raising taxes he is cutting the budget by 400 million. He is according to his website half way there. If you have any idea's on what should be cut his web site says give them the idea. The web address is http://www.scgovernor.com/ go to the budget cut recommendation on the right of the screen and show them what a liberty minded persons budget looks like.

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Yep, that's Ronald Reagan Leadership for you! Yuck!

I mean you are the Gov and you have to ASK for Ideas?

Whats up with that??!!!

Sad commentary on Sanford. If he had been listening to Dr. Paul....or even this man... http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Milton+Friedman&ie=utf...


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don't criticize

unless you have read the SC state constitution. Perhaps he wants to know what people are more and less willing to cut. With the federal government, it's easy, because there's so much unconstitutional cruft that it's easy to identify what needs to go first. It might not be so with th estate.