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John Stossel for 2012: Winner of my informal email survey

I have been wondering out loud here and other places this question:

"Who should be the R3VOLution's presidential candidate for 2012 to go up against Republican GOP Favorates like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Louisiana Rep Gov and many others.......and out of that, who could really give President Obama a real run for his money in 2012?"

John Stossel was the winner HANDS DOWN.

There was 3 distinct groups who received the question. Each group knows that I am a ardent Ron Paul fan, having received weekly emails from me for over two years.
A) 180 hard core GW Bush Republicans (loved McCain or Giuliani, etc)
B) 210 Hard core liberal democrats, Voted/supported either Hillary or Obama
C) 322 mildly political types... for them, its all about PERSONALITY, who has the "best personality" that "I trust": For these individuals political philosophy, economics, foriegn policy, etc is all just trimmings on the dinner plate or garnish on the dish, and so they could not care less about it and felt like it was above their pay grade to judge the right and wrong of it. Irritating I know, but at least they are honest, and I found that most people when I went door to door as a PC fell into this category, regardless if they were registered an R or D.

Today, with the economy in the tank, these are my hard core Republicans.. the type that NEVER went for Ron Paul, but today now say, "WELL I agree with Ron Paul basically of course, but Ron Paul went about it all wrong, its the WAY he said it and came across in the primaries that turned me off" --- yet I know differently from their emails dating back from that time that it was the war, their blood lust for it, that they loved.

This group bought the Ron Paul is a Racist and drank up every slant & slight that was made against us in the R3VOLution ---out to be white supremacists, anti-Hispanic bigots, nut jobs, weird extremists, etc. It was our lack of OPEN COMPASSION tied to NORMALCY is what turned them off, still does. The problem is, what goes for compassion and normalcy is Un-debatable with these people. It is also an admitted Hang Up of Republicans like Glenn Beck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcniH1nE900&feature=related

This group is all about PERSONALITY. It is this group that makes the USA go from having a JFK, to a Richard Nixon, to a Jimmie Carter, to a Ronald Reagan, to a Bush Sr, to a Bill Clinton, to a GW Bush, to a Barack Obama. If you look at those choices, you see WILD swings in political ideology, and you ask yourself, how can that be? What is the constant threat here? And that thread is PERSONALITY. They decide all upon PERSONALITY. That is it. Again, political philosophies, ideologies, economics, foreign policies, any policies really, are ALL JUST SIDE DISHES, the "Main course" for them is, PERSONALITY. To them, PERSONALITY is all tied up into how one looks, sounds, dresses, carries him or herself, etc. Again, Nixon to Carter to Reagan to Clinton to Bush...the only thing is Personality.

So it was between these groups that I asked them to choose for me, who should lead and represent the Ron Paul Revolution for 2012.

John Stossel was the clear winner.

What is surprising was that for all three groups, they each placed John Stossel as the man best suited to lead the Revolution for us in 2012. Those in Group A & B, hard cores each, took time to write that only John Stossel had the knowledge, skill & Personality. Many suggested he could "Play himself to the Right when going against other Republicans and then go LEFT against Obama. Many (my mother included) said, "gee, in a head to head debate in 2012 against President Obama, I may change my mind and vote for John". This from a retired school teacher and life long democrat and big time Obama supporter.

There was another Group, my 120 member RP Meet Up. They choose Ron Paul, but that was only 2 votes more than John Stossel followed by Peter Schiff and Ventura tied for 3rd.

The List they had was as follows:

Ron Paul,
Walter Williams
Jesse Ventura
Drew Carey
Clint Eastwood
Peter Schiff
John Stossel
Gary Johnson
Penn Jillette.
Lew Rockwell
Dwight Yoakam
Russell Means
Dave Barry

** Here is the big news I think, at least for me. Because it is doubtful that John Stossel would ever run for President, we inside the REVOLUTION should take this time to FARM our OWN talent, with TV PRODUCTION TRAINING, SPEAKING TRAINING, and most of all, an Eye on WHO has the "Right" Personality. We can never forget, its all about PERSONALITY. For you and me, its about honesty and having the right ideas and solutions and principles and goals....but for the voting public, its all about PERSONALITY.

So, lets "Promote from Within". Lets train and school from within our movement. I am sure that we have at least a dozen TOP PERSONALITIES that need to be discovered, trained to be in front of a TV cameras, trained to make speeches, and so forth. But it is Personality that is that key quality that we need to cultivate within our ranks. And again, by personality we mean everything from how one dresses, carries themselves, looks, acts, age, temperament, etc... all rolled into one "Personality".

IF Barack Obama's fast rise has taught us anything, it is that Personality wins.

Your thoughts?

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Great job. Send it to

Great job. Send it to Stossel!

He also has the name recognition and is a familiar face to people. We should mount a campaign to recruit him. He is very well spoken and could school in the debates.

To all th epeople saying he's not electable BS! Tregs little sample here proves he is electable and can appeal to a broad base of voters.

The one direction we need to move to is a nation wide ad campaign to circumvent the old media bias smear and blackout campaign they would run against anyone we run. Stossel has a leg up in that area because he is a well known media personality already that people will recognize

Only dead fish go with the flow...

Get Prepared!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Another very important strategy.

Someone needs to make the argument that a debt-based, inflationary economy fundamentally biases against environmental protection, and discourages sustainable development. A transition to a savings-based, fixed money supply economy with a non-judgemental government allows individuals to contribute to the moral value of "good stewardship of the land" by protecting individual wealth at all levels of society and enabling charitable foundations to accrue wealth and support, while the natural market system (not government sponsored fake markets) will allow us to healthily balance the human footprint on the environment with human protecting interests.

the market for an increasingly diverse pool of individual contributions will also create a higher level of accountability for private ecology charities and foundations, to a level of accountability almost certainly impossible to achieve in the great juggernaut of government.

Inflation encourages short-term investments, which are often not sustainable solutions, and also promotes the acquisition of wealth amongst individuals who tend to be so used to the rat race that they don't think to work towards a better world outside of any means besides the government.

We need the greens on our side. Conservation is conservative!

I've been in contact with the Peter Schiff grassroots movement.

Anyone here up for another campaign?

I am.


"I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system, to make sure the economy doesn't collapse."
- G. W. Bush

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

I love walter williams

but quite frankly, I think he's too old to run for president in '12. As with Ron Paul.

Sadly, I don't see John Stossel being the Republican nominee in '12. the leadership will still be in power, and it will take something phenomenal (on the order of Obama) to upset it. The people who hold the power are going to anoint Jindal.

Problem with Stossel is that many of his 20/20 pieces are a bit too slanted, i.e. they aren't honest about the evidence presented against them. I understand that he does this because the mainline approach does the exact same thing, but it's a problem nonetheless. So Stossel comes across as an idealogue.

What we need is someone who is an idealogue at heart, willing to admit the possible failings in ideology, has the image of a compromiser, but who really only compromises by taking smaller step forwards (i.e. implementing gradual change towards the correct ideology, instead of trading tit-for-tat to get closer to - but in reality farther from - ideology).

If you ask me...

Our best strategy is to shoot for 2016. Don't worry, it will be miserable but the US will hold up until then, and it won't be too late. Populating lower and medium levels of government is fine, but to win the presidency, we need a complete outsider to the political process to run. Because this person will not have a 'voting record', the person needs to come from an industry where accepting federal help is either extremely tempting or nearly necessary for survival, and will need to have survived by rejecting it. The job will have required leadership skills, but on a small scale, that way the person can say, "hey, I clearly am an effective leader because I struck out in this difficult environment and succeeded". The person can't have come from the military but must have close family or (even better) a spouse in the military.

If we can find such a person, I think the person should begin an early campaign in 2014, networking through C4L, getting up ground-level support and organizing carefully to make sure a nucleus of supporters is in place for the campaign. Except for managing finances (but not how to use them), the person absolutely should not hire professional campaigners, that was a big mistake of the RP (and to a bigger extent, McCain) campaign.

And the campaign, like Ron Paul's, should absolutely run on an 0% debt. This NEEDS to be a talking point during the debates. Leadership by example is critical.

Stossel could never win any election....

He's too smart, too sensible, not afraid to call out stupid government policies, or call a spade a spade even if it's not popular opinion.

Sound like somebody else we know? RP once mentioned that he would consider Stossel as a potential VP running mate, but realized the unlikely chance of that.

We don't know how to mind our own business
'Cause the whole worlds got to be just like us
Now we are fighting a war over there
No matter who's the winner
We can't pay the cost
-Steppenwolf 1969

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


Stossel is not electable. Not in this world or stupid America. We need someone young, like Barack Obama, but not a socialist. It is all about Rockstar Politics now.

No President will ever win again, unless America changes, or unless they have cult like Obama status.

Excellent post

and I can certainly see how John Stossell won. He has a no-nonsense approach and is very well known.