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New Video! a must see!

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Wow, excellent video. I

Wow, excellent video. I haven't really watched much on the black panthers and don't know what their goals are....seem to be anti-capitalism, but as we all know, we haven't had true capitalism, so although things are bad and corrupt now, we can't condemn the free market for it, because clearly the market hasn't been free since 1913.

Either way, it's crazy how evil/ruthless the government is in preserving it's own interests.

“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” -George Bernard Shaw


makes you stop to think about the future. If Obama does not get in and the blacks riot because of it and get carried off to FEMA camps, what are we going to do? By doing nothing, we support the NWO. IF all that happens, then the NWO set it up to happen clear as day because they have all known that Obama is not qualified.

I got news for you ...

It won't be only "blacks" that riot.

And some "blacks" won't be rioting.


My point exactly*

Great video.

Fred Hampton

was a natural born leader, passionate and dedicated. Looks like he was making progress until we was assasinated. This is a very informative video. Thanks for making.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance


It can't be...can it?

It can't be...can it?

Fred Hampton opens a whole other chamber in the rabbit hole

If you've never sat back and thought about street gangs and the police state in inner cities, you should. Look at the inner cities as police state tyranny dumbing-down and corrupting on a distgusting scale. Racism is a construct brought to you by your masters to keep you from caring about others. This is a very very interesting path. I've done a lot of study on the 60's movements and trust me, the black pather saga will amaze you. It leads to crack and beyond.

It never leads to Freedom

Does it Mike?

its really a sad story

they were people on the right path they just needed a little more education

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

this is video

this is a video made in memory of a fallen hero, of the 60's most people have never heard of him, but he was before his time, he understood things people didn't even know about at the young age of 21. he in fact was helping and educating the people so much in fact it gave him a bad rep with the government so the f.b.i. recognized him as america's number one threat to there fraudulent policies and there conduct they were trying to enforce on the american people as a whole.

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....