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What will you do when you lose your job?

Assuming we are in for hard times many of us here will lose our jobs or have our businesses fail. Unemployment compensation doesn't pay much and the self employed won't even get that. Meanwhile our bills will continue to pour in and many will be at risk risk of defaulting on car and house loans. Some of us will likely be homeless if we don't develop other sources of income.

Darwin wrote, " It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but those most responsive to change". Every change brings new opportunities. Our challenge is to find and capitalize on these new opportunities.

So what opportunities can we reasonably expect to open up as a result of the economic grief we expect to visit us shortly? What newly vital needs can we predict from economic collapse and what can we do now that will enable us to serve these needs? I can think of a few. Perhaps you can add others.

Cheap shelter
The freshly foreclosed who still have some income will look for low-cost housing and may be willing to pay you rent if you have room for them. Consider getting that room you have loaded with clutter ready for a paying house guest or two.

Cheap storage
This is another need of the freshly foreclosed. If you have an unused outbuilding, consider getting it ready to hold furniture, etc. that belongs to a foreclosure victim. Sign a contract with them so that if they miss rent payments for a set number of months (4?), you take legal possession of the stored items.

When news of hungry looters overrunning private homes gets around there will be a mad dash to bar the doors and windows. If you can weld, your services will be in great demand. Consider practicing on your own house so it will be done when the rush orders swamp you. If you have police or military experience, you might plan to offer yourself for hire as security detail. In Quito Ecuador I recall shotgun-armed guards stationed outside major stores and patrolling the streets of the better neighborhoods. The same needs will likely exist in the US soon.

Remote land sales
Private land parcels where owners can take emergency refuge might be much in demand. If you are a land speculator or are in real estate sales, look hard for deals a hundred miles or more from the nearest urban area and get ready to pitch worried homeowners. You could form an adjunct business of helping them stock these sites with buried caches of shelter materials, food, weapons, etc.

Can you teach survival skills?
If so, you can get ready now to offer courses in defense, hunting, food storage, gardening, alternative medicine, solar power systems, etc. Many will likely be desperate to learn.

If you are a licensed dealer or a gunsmith or even have ammo reloading equipment and supplies, you could be very, very busy after TSHTF. If you are none of the above, try to get a job -- any job -- working for a gun dealer.

Get a job at a junkyard
I suppose the PC term is auto recycler's. Nobody will be buying new cars but they'll sure be trying to fix the clunker.

Alternative power & water systems
Become a dealer/installer of alternative power and/or water systems, including hard-wired generators and rainwater retrieval. When utilities are unreliable alternatives become paramount.

There's a start. What can you add?

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I think anyone who can master space intensive gardening will be in demand. I've been reading as much as possible and had much success last year with my first attempts. I'm expanding a lot this coming spring. Lots of good websites out there, such as journeytoforever.com , idigmygarden.com , square foot gardening (google it) and many many others. Figure out how to best use your available space to compost all of your fruit and vegetable leftovers, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc. If you have a nice temperate climate, you can try vermicomposting. I've also been reading about the rise of illegal chicken keeping in urban backyards. If your neighbors are cool and you have the space to really take good care of a few hens, look into getting a good coop and a few hens. backyardchickens.com

I haven't set up my rain system yet, but I've gotten some used 55 gallon food grade plastic drums. They had fruit juice concentrate in them before, but they've been rinsed. I just have to build a small platform for them, and get the stuff to hook them up to the downspouts. I'll probably also end up getting a handpump / siphon deal to put on to use to fill my watering cans, since my barrels don't have taps on them. The barrels were cheap, like 10 bucks each....not like the $80+ you find at rain barrel business websites.

Maybe I'm strange, but gardening was the first thing I've done in years that really made me feel good about my efforts. It isn't just an interest, it was just amazing to feed the family with things that I grew in my backyard.

Next step after the garden expansion is to preserve , dry, and can as much as possible. Never done that, I barely remember my parents doing it when I was really young. Always something to learn!

The Retrocon
Hope for America, Ron Paul for President in 2008!

The Retrocon
Hope for America, Ron Paul for President in 2008!


do you mind sharing the info on where you got those food-grade 55-gal drums?

Just curious so I won't waste time looking for them in the wrong places.

BTW, I think you can add spigots to the bottom of those you have....I saw a kit somewhere to do that very thing. I'll see if I can remember where I saw it and let you know.

Don't forget raising rabbits..........

My town doesn't allow farm animals, ie chickens, etc. But they DO allow rabbits. Make sure you get the rabbits best for meat (New Zealands, etc). Some rabbits are raised for furs, others for meat, others for fun. One old timer in a Nusing Home was asked about how rabbits tasted. She said, "Just like Spring Chicken". I have two does and one male. The guy I bought them from said from 3 does and one male, you can put more meat in the freezer than if you raised a steer. 8-10 rabbits a litter, 4 litters a year, butchered at 4 1/2 - 5 lbs. I can sell them now to a USDA approved place for $2 a live pound. Would be a good souce for bartering if things get really really bad. I'm starting with rabbits now, plan to build a greenhouse this spring, and experiment with hydroponics. Can raise earthworms in the rabbit waste, feed to catfish in a barrel. Really, there ARE ways to survive very nicely, thank you.

You're an inspiration!

Get your canning lids now in case there are supply problem later. You can order them online.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I agree


Right about the time

you registered on Daily Paul, LOL

Are you looking? What are you good at?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

StaxBrix... hmmm... are you

StaxBrix... hmmm... are you a bricklayer? :)
Talk to someone new every day. You'll be surprised what you learn.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

I suppose that I am a bit

I suppose that I am a bit fortunate in that I have a position that cannot be easily outsourced. I am still getting calls from the last time I looked for a new position last February. Still, I am no fool. I have cut back on spending, but I was never one to go into debt in the first place. The only debt I have right now is my mortgage, which I can comfortably afford. I bought a nice new car last fall which I will probably keep at least 5 to 7 years.

Drain the swamp!

I'm in the military so i have

I'm in the military so i have a bit of job security..but I'm getting out this year..so we'll see how that all goes...

Guess the option we have left is....

to get a cushy government job aye.....I am so sick of all the crap our government has created, especially the Federal Reserve, and IRS...I am done.

Don't count on it

Those "cushy" gov't jobs you hear about are only for those with friends in high places (or those that have the dirt on the folks in high places).

Most of the working-class gov't employees are treated like mushrooms.....But many believe they have a nice retirement (we'll see about that).

Right on, Sistagirl...

...not only do you need to have to deal with so many issues involved with being active duty military (including emotions such as regret, disbelief, etc), now those who are aware should be concerned about their retirements. That is the only light at the end of the tunnel for me, and if that is taken away, multiply me by 300,000 - 500,000 or so (at least) and see what happens. I didn't think or question too much until recently, and it is too late. I recently posted on here (last month?) about benefits of joining the military, and whether people should join..I tried to rationalize it and whatnot...but I would say to people now, don't do it. Figure something else out, and explore every other option. It is better than regret, and the feeling that you are just punching the clock every day until you can get out, with the chance of deployment looming over your head.

The Retrocon
Hope for America, Ron Paul for President in 2008!

The Retrocon
Hope for America, Ron Paul for President in 2008!

my business

has suffered a 40% downturn so i just got a 40 hour/week management job that will allow me to do both for a while. guess i'll be putting on some more gray hair this year. about to sell some real estate so at least that will give us some cushion. ug, i hate working for the man.

Those here on temporary work visas

from Latin American countries often take two jobs while they are here so they can better provide for their families back home. It is all about family and self-betterment, giving their kids a head start. It's rough on them being away for months at a time but they drown those feelings by working long, long hours. Also, it must be exciting to make as much as they do here, an extra incentive to work as much as they possibly can during their stay.

Those workers are very frugal also, often renting a house split up among six or eight people and cooking all their own food from simple ingredients. I'm sure some get by on $10 a week for food. We could all learn a lot from their example.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


got laid off two months ago. i'm a union carpenter. been in for 7 years, not sure what i'm going to do now. no one can get financing to build anything if they wanted to. put a couple apps in with the railroads.

If you live near a large

If you live near a large city you should call the local convention center and large performance halls.

I am not union, but I have done this in Dallas. I have my name on a callout list. When the union can't fill slots they go to this list. Even if you're a member of a different union having your name on this list will get you called to work periodically.

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- Brent R.


that might sound kinda strange:

Take a look at the real estate ads and find the agents that list lots for foreclosures. See if they'll let you bid board-ups, trashouts, debris removal, etc.

If you're in an area with lots of foreclosures, this might be a good way to generate some extra cash. You'll most likely work via a bid system and it might take a few tries (bids) to find out if you're over- or under-bidding.

It's helpful if you know someone in the RE biz to get a foot in the door with this one.

Good luck!


thats a good suggestion. i'll look into it. strange? i live in the cleveland area. heres one example that alot of area construction jobs were counting on. the project got started, they got half the foundation on the Ernst & Young office building, site work prep on multiple other buildings then the project stopped. 522 million dollar project, condos, apartments, hotels, restaurants all along our waterfront. Done. This is just one example. Here's the link:


Cleveland RE has been hit hard for a while now.

Should be at least some opportunity for you in the make-ready field.

Those in other areas hit hard by the foreclosures can also look to that industry. For example, most lenders want licensed plumbers to do the winterization of these vacant homes.

There's also lawn maintenance, snow removal, etc.

A few lenders will do repairs....On those, the agent usually is responsible for getting multiple bids (sometimes 2, sometimes 3...depends on the job size). Those will call for licensed trades....Another opportunity for those put out of the construction business.

Just a few random thoughts......

Keep busy

If it doesn't violate your union rules during layoff, take some odd jobs. Look around and see what might be done in your community. Find out what a big dumpster drop-off and removal would cost, then approach people with sheds and outbuildings that are falling apart and should be torn down for safety reasons. Offer to tear them down for twice what the dumpster costs. Is there a business with a broken sign or rotting fascia boards? Offer to repair them. You probably won't be able to make union wages but it's better than sitting around waiting and hoping.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


I gotta thank Dr. Paul for opening my eyes up to whats going on well over a year ago and started saving and stocking up. I'd be broke and screwed if it wasnt for him. I can weather this for a little while until i can find something.

We must help Each Other - Freedom is a Co-operative Venture

Those who support freedom are operating on a different frequency than the current economic system. For that reason, many of us will experience some difficulties in making a living from that system.

We must do everything that we can with the skills that we have. If we still have problems, then we will need to search for alternatives. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. Theory’s that promote positive thinking and sweat as an automatic solution to economic survival are useless.

I am looking into the possibility of building some type of social site that can concentrate on the economic survival of freedom seekers. It can be a place to collect and disseminate ideas on how to make a living and survive in a world that ignores the value of freedom.

Don’t let me be the only one putting this on the drawing board. If someone else develops an initiative that is better than the one that I have on the drawing board, I would prefer to support that one instead of mine. This is not a contest among freedom-seekers. It is a fight for the salvation of a free America.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Real Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

A few thoughts

I think Daily Paul has been that cooperative Web site for me. I doubt I would have gotten out of the stock market and into PM's when I did. I spent about $3k on the Paul campaign but saved a great deal more than that by heeding the warnings of others I encountered on DP.

Often various threads here stimulate my thoughts, allowing me to plan ahead for things that have yet to enter the radio/TV/newspaper news. Without the influence of DP I might be inclined to view my impending layoff at work as just a temporary seasonal thing, not a possible job termination. That has made me more determined to find a way to make money during hard times, and I think I have found some good possibilities.

Short of theft, panhandling, welfare, gambling, and treasure hunting I know of no way to make money other than by serving the needs of other people with goods or services they are willing to pay for. If the idea of service to others fits in with your cooperative vibrational model then I guess we are on the same page.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Go green.

My family opened a business in the global warming controls industry. We sell gas standards for detection monitors and calibration instruments. We've also started helping businesses with their hazardous chemical filings for the EPA and risk management plans.

Check out:


Business has been picking up quite well, and with Obama in, I see more of this global warming hysteria in the future, which means more business for us.

Do I believe in human controlled climate change? Not so much, but I do believe in keeping instruments accurate and in making sure businesses aren't fined for not filling out forms correctly.

Eric Hoffer

Rick Maybury,

a macroeconomics and geopolitical writer (and an acquaintance of mine), advised watching how government policies distort the nation's money flow and positioning yourself under each newly created money spigot. Sounds like you've done that with the climate change hysteria. I'm doing that in a sense with one of my ventures, catering to the fear of impending policy changes.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Already there....

Losing the house...can barely keep the lights and gas on. Put out 200-300 job applications between my husband and myself, no bites even though we have good education, lots of training, tons of experience.

Below, the person that said, "Go out and get another one.." is living in La-La Land or maybe just in a better part of the country than us.

Learned to make soap and have been selling it just to pay my attorney for filing bankruptcy (did that just to keep the house through the holidays) and attempt to keep the lights on.

It's not going well.

And no one has room for us and our 5 children. Not only can we not afford an apartment but cannot find one that will let us rent because of the 7 of us and it's a fire code problem letting that many people share a 3 bedroom apartment.

I guess I could just tape some refrigerator boxes together and hope for the best. lol

Any ideas?

maybe i could help

I manage a internet company that sells vitamins, supplements and natural beauty products. I could maybe add your product to our website. Allthough we are a small company, we do sell worldwide and are featured on amazon.com. I can't promise much, but it would certainly help get you a few more sales. Lemme know what you think.

Okay..I take it back

I can't PM you. DP is having problems tonight at least on my end. If you would send me an email, I would greatly appreciate it. You just tell me what I need to do and I'm there.

Thank you.