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Heres the first truthful and objective view on it, send to all your contacts?

I have problems with any militant faction in governments and collectives like Hamas or Israel’s martial law as a means of enforcing its law. this doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that there will be blood in this scenario. I hate most military decisions made by any army, only because of its brutal reality, and if we were under martial law, I would probably see the military like I view cops during big events here like at checkpoints or “crowd control” showing of force, they tend to be Machismo and filled with authority, highly irrational, some even sociopathic and get a kick out of it, and some make some really jacked up decisions. I mean lets face it, evil is perpetrated by HUMANS, not Muslims or Jews, but HUMANS. Cops do some jacked up sh*t sometimes, and sometimes not. You have to take it case by case. I have been witness to Israeli abuse of martial law and vice versa, militant provocation by Palestinian militant groups. I hate martial law in general, I think that will always bring about violent action regardless, because if I was under it, I could see myself going nuts, especially if I were convinced they were racist towards me, I mean lets just be honest here. but like I said, I don’t take sides, I hate the way both sides deal with the issue.

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Please don't tell me what's "truthful".

I will decide for myself.

This has nothing to do with the content of your post.


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I agree, and the video of the jewish protestors

against zionism is especially good. It should be seen far more widely.