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"Ron Paul-like" Candidate for Congress in Georgia

I find this article so exciting. Just to hear about candidates who are described as "Ron Paul-like" and presented in a positive light is exciting. An hour ago there was a follow-up article to this stating that Broun believes he has won the run-off for Georgia Congressman replacing deceased Charlie Norwood. Hope he has.


Don't you love the article title, ie "Slapping Down the Entire GOP Establishment" Has such a ring of...Liberty and Freedom to it!

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Great news, but..

I'm psyched about this win, but why the heck is Bob Barr supporting (and even giving money to) the other guy?! I thought Barr had come to see the light, and here he is supporting a party stooge.

If the accidental discharge

If the accidental discharge in front of the news media didn't already make it obvious, Mr. Barr -- despite being elected to congress -- just might not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree strand...

Great News

M. Raborn
This is great news and a great article. I think we are all facing the re-run of
"Dewey Defeats Truman!"
MSM or more aptly called "the old media" is clueless of what is going on in the ever growing world outside of their control.
Congratulations to Congressman Broun and Congressman Paul you had better start thinking about your Inauguration speech!
Ron Paul for President in 2008!

M. Raborn

Broun Going to Washington with His Pocket Constitution!

......YES! Let's see what the pollsters do with this. The heavily GOP backed candidate lost to the waay underdog. HA. People do resonate to the constitution, small governement, the right to bear arms. He drew across party lines.. His name is Paul and he is a physician. Perhaps we are starting to heaL the nation.

He may not agree with RP on everything...but a lot and he's taking his pocket constitution with him! I think this is really good news. If people stop trusting the pundits calls and MSM's garbage and the pollster's polls...well .


Woops...Here's the Broun News Item Saying He Won


There are super lists all over the net of supporting groups. The Georgia meet-up groups have just gotten a Broun Bump! I know the south....news spreads. Go Georgia Meet-ups!


Closest Thing To RP in Congress

....or so says the conservative news. (the guy needs to talk to RP about war, though apparently.) There are some other very interesting articles here as well as the Broun one:

**Be sure to read "Buchannan Says Tonkin II May Have Already Happened"
...that's scary.


Tonkin II

Yes it is (scary). I read that last night--thanks for linking it, fonta.