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Bank of America requires finger print to cash a check.

Charlie Breitrose
MetroWest Daily News
January 2, 2009

Ariel Sarousi felt surprised and dismayed when asked to provide a fingerprint to cash a check at a Framingham Bank of America branch on Monday.

The 25-year-old Framingham native, who lives in Virginia, brought a rent check to the Bank of America branch on Beacon Street. He does not have an account with the bank, but the check came from a Bank of America account.

“They asked for an ID, which I provided, and after that they brought out an ink pad,” Sarousi said. “I asked why, and they said they wanted to take a fingerprint. I said, ‘Get out! Please!’ and they said, ‘No, we’re serious.”‘

Sarousi said he had other forms of identification and that should be enough to cash a check.

“I said, ‘You can’t expect me to provide fingerprints to cash a check,”‘ Sarousi said. “I took my check and left.

Anne Pace, a Bank of America spokeswoman, said the company does not comment on individual customer situations. She also said she did not have information on the use of fingerprints.

The Massachusetts Bankers Association has a program to install thumbprint touch pads, intended to deter people passing counterfeit or fraudulent checks, according to the organization’s Web site.


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this has been going on for years...

just another way to control people.

do or do not. there is no "try" - yoda

next time offer them a urine

next time offer them a urine sample!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

wrap hand in guaze, covered in fake blood

problem solved

Not just checks

It's true that many, many banks do require a thumbprint from you if you are not an account holder, or they won't cash (their own!) checks for you. I wonder whether you also have to provide a thumbprint to cash, say, a money order or cashier's check drawn from a bank.

And now, in California, should you wish to sell some scrap metal, get ready to pull out your fingerprints once again: a new CA law which has just gone into effect requires those selling/recycling certain scrap metals to first submit their thumbprints, and wait a piece, before receiving payment for the metals.

Excerpt from this California newspaper article --

Facilities buying nonferrous materials -- a metal such as copper or aluminum that doesn't include iron -- will now have to videotape or photograph the items, then wait three days before paying the seller. They will also be required to obtain the seller's thumbprint in addition to photo identification.

Three days. Isn't that the same waiting period to purchase/register a gun? Copper tubing is on the same threat level as a Magnum? And why are iron-free metals excluded? Your metal is A-OK as long as it retains the slight possibility of rusting?

"Watch out, Martha -- I think that man's carrying an aluminum can!!!"
: gasps of horror and shrieks of fear ensue :

how about this

Cut the thumbs off a few latex gloves. Put one on your thumb before going in to the bank - proceed.

This is not only

Bank of America.

Since we started doing our soap business, I have chosen not to open a bank account and just have people make their checks out to me personally.

MANY banks require a finger print...unfortunately I did not think of WHY they may want a finger print. I always assumed that it was to stop you if you were cashing fraudulent checks.

Bank of America, Regions, Renesant, SunTrust

First Tennessee is by FAR the worst. I have gone in with two forms of ID (which they require) but what they will accept as ID is insane. My Sam's Card, which you have to give your social for because it was a business account, wasn't good enough. I needed to have a CREDIT CARD or BANK CARD (like those aren't easily forged??) and a finger print.

I think I've only been to two banks in the last few weeks that do not need finger prints. M&F Bank was one of those and I think BanCorp South was the other.

Wish I would have known better.

welcome to nazi america. It will only get worse.

~Mikael / Peace, love, Light and unity ~

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