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The History Channel has a program on the depression on now 10:33 EST

Checking out their take. just getting into the new deal after the break.

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Just checked here and they're still running the "7 Deadly Sins" episodes back-to-back this evening....Guess it must be different here.

Saw it about an hour ago...

Noted they said "it *would* be (not *will* be!) tough for Obama to fix the economy (like Roosevelt). They said Obama (like Roosevelt) has collected an expert team - like the NY Fed chairman and others that presided over the mess in the first place!

This reeks of Keyensian economics, never questioning the:

"stimulus" of inflating fractional reserve banks with fiat money,

ignoring the probability of hyper-inflation,

never laying any blame on Greenspan for making credit cheap and easy.

Don't waste your time. Go to Mises.org and read/listen/learn something true!